Nova Rose

When you think of Canadian singers, some come to mind like Justin Bieber, Bryan Adams, Celine Dion, Avril Lavigne, Drake, Shawn Mendes, Sarah McLachlan… I could go on and on… but have you heard of Nova Rose? Well, I’m betting you will soon.. let me introduce you to her.

Q: How have you been coping through the pandemic? Family and friends doing ok?

A: I’ve been good and so glad to have my family & friends (I’m super thankful). I’ve really been putting a lot of time and energy into music – I can’t complain.

Q: So you are a classically trained violinist.. is your first love, an instrumentalist or would you rather stick to singing?

A: I love the violin, it is a beautiful instrument, but my true passion is definitely singing.

Nova’s favorite places..

Q: I have never been to Canada but I really want to go and visit Montreal where you are from. If I were to visit, what would you suggest to do for a day & where would I get the best meal?

A: Ouuu! You should definitely come visit. I think your ideal day would be grabbing as many bagels as you can, go thrift shopping and then climb up Mount Royal to watch the sunset! Best meal is tough, I love pizza and Montreal has some really amazing places, one of my favourite places is called Violet Angel in Sainte-Anne-de-Bellevue.

****This interview was done in March & since then Nova has released 2 more singles since then****

Q: You have a new single, Need Me and when I first heard it, it felt like a self empowerment/self love anthem. What happened in your life that inspired you to write this song?

A: A lot of different things inspired the song. I find myself constantly finding inspirations when listening to other people talk about their emotions and experiences. I find we sometimes forget that emotions are normal and being so desperate for their attention that it turned into this constant feeling of loneliness and anxiety. Need Me is the opposite, in a way a follow up to that song. It’s about realizing that it’s okay not to be okay and knowing that sometimes loving yourself without needing anybody else is enough.

Clockwise L to R: Tove Lo, Halsey, Dua Lipa, SZA, Lady Gaga and Miley Cyrus

Q: International Women’s Day was the other day & you gave a shoutout to some fellow women artists.. How would you describe each of these women in 1 word?

A: Bad ass.

Q: Seems like there’s a new social media platform every month. How would you rate the following for self promotion? Facebook, Snapchat, Instagram, TikTok, Twitter Spaces, Clubhouse and Caffeine.

A: It’s super hard, there are sooooo many. I think they are great & can help people in their career but it’s still important to stick to the music and not get too caught up in those apps.

Q: Do you remember the first song you ever wrote? How old were you? What was it about?

A: I do! I was 7 or 8, my parents left me with a babysitter and I was not happy about it. So consequently, I wrote a song about how I felt, hahaha.

Q: What are your plans for touring this summer? Hopefully, most people will be vaccinated & things will get back to some normalcy.

A: No plans yet, trying to see what happens with everything before booking!

Q: Where can fans find your music?

A: Everywhere that plays music! Spotify, Apple Music, SoundCloud, YouTube, Topsify etc..

Since this interview was conducted, Nova Rose released two more singles, Someone Else & G.L.I.T.R. Make sure you go listen to her music. She also was just named by IHeart Radio, the Future Star for the Month of May on Rouge FM for her song, Somebody Else. Congrats Nova Rose, well deserved!

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The Greatest Showman

Louis Prima Jr.

Being a huge fan of swing, jazz and big band music, I was happy to find this man roaming around on social media, who happens to be the son of one of my favorite entertainers of all time, Louis Prima. Let me introduce you to Louis Prima, Jr.

Q: Growing up with a father, who happens to be a legendary New Orleans jazz & big band swing musician, did you feel any pressure to follow in his footsteps as a young child?

A: No actually.. We were taught music, piano and such, but there was no pressure put upon us to pursue music as a career.. I didn’t pick up trumpet until 8th grade & when I finally graduated high school, my college schedule was geared towards business. A music career happened kind of by accident.

Q: Did picking up an instrument come naturally to you or did you have to work at it? How many instruments can you actually play?

A: Well, my mom put drum sticks in my hands at age 5 and piano followed by the 1st grade. I’ve played or tried to play just about everything; guitar, bass, sax, clarinet, most brass…. Was it easy? No, not at all. Matter of fact, the reason I didn’t immediately go into the music biz, well.. I am pretty severely dyslexic. I was tested entering college and didn’t know it until then. It posed a lot of struggles especially when it came to improvise or playing solos. I worked really hard at it and had some AMAZING instructors but my fingers would never do what my brain was telling it. Don’t get me wrong, I was pretty good and people do compliment me but I just never felt as if I was going to be the “Eddie Van Halen” of any instruments I touched. And when I do something, I want to be the best. (I know, sounds kind of bad) but it wasn’t until I had a microphone in my hand and was the “front man” that I felt comfortable and able to excel.

Q: You’ve lived in New Orleans and Vegas while growing up…How do the two cities differ in your eyes, in terms of the music scene, then and now?

A: I’m back in New Orleans mostly because Vegas changed. and not for the good. New Orleans is brilliant when it comes to music. Better than any other city. The music scene is diverse and plentiful. There is something going on every day, all day…musically speaking. There are no shortage of festivals. And there is no shortage of TALENTED musicians, performers, bands, people willing to teach. Music is this city’s soul and the entertainment community rallies around each other and embrace its history. Vegas.. not so much.. it all started to change in the 90’s maybe before when the musicians’ union lost the fight against canned music. There is a group of people and bands that work all the time, for years, the same people. They make no room for new bands or original ideas. Locals don’t support live music AT ALL. “Sorry I didn’t make your gig” is the most commonly heard phrase in the music community. If the crowd can’t get wasted and dance topless while paying $50 for a glass of water, you won’t work. And people won’t come to see you. Local music and bands are relegated to dive bars. And headliners now… I mean it’s like $300 plus for many of the shows. Out of control.. Look, I know that sounds bitter, but we are talking about a town that was RICH in entertainment.. it was The Hollywood playground where people launched careers, made names for themselves and worked every day. Now musicians have to take 5 gigs a DAY just to make it. But every piece of history in Vegas gets torn down. There is no history left and there is no effort to sustain or honor its past. It is sad, but I’ve been trying to leave for years. It has always surprised people when I say that I never work in Vegas. I have a 10 piece band that tours the world non stop for over 14 years (before COVID) but Vegas wants to pay $1000 or less. Now let’s split that up between agents, managers, travel, rooms and 12 people….

Q: There was a time in your life when you quit music and went into business management but was short lived. Why did you eventually get back into the music business?

A: I quit and went into management because I became very frustrated with the music business, and at the time was starting a family. I had to step away and raise my children. And that became the focus..I never really quit the business.. I did a gig here and there and knew that one day I’d step back in. I raised two boys by myself and I at least wanted them to be able to care for each other before I decided to hit the road again. Timing is everything.. At about the time I was souring on my work place, an opportunity arose in Vegas to put a “Louis Prima” style act in a MAJOR lounge. Although it never came to be, it started me rolling again.

Q: Here you are now, with your current band, Louis Prima Jr & The Witnesses.. you released your debut album in 2012, in the style of big band swing and even included some of your father’s classics like, “I Wanna Be Like You”…but I really enjoyed the music of “Oh Babe”. What was it like to finally release this album?

Q: You know, my father wrote Oh Babe! Certain musicians are content on doing their gig, reading their charts and collecting their pay. And there is nothing wrong with that. BUT I am NOT that guy. My goal has always to be able to create music that people could love. The goal in starting this band was to use my father’s music as a jumping point to create anew in his style, which to me is Rock n Roll with horns.. The goal was was always to relate to music and tour, it was never to be a tribute act. And the goal since day one way back in the 80’s, was to have a record label believe in you and put you in the studio. You know, not release my stuff and see it out of my garage… Anyway, once I found musicians with a like mind, we had to have a starting point and at the risk of sounding bad here; get the “Prima Sr” stuff out of the way. We actually found funding and recorded the first album ourselves but isn’t he process met Jim Ervin from Warrior Records who took a liking to us and took over the distribution etc. who would’ve thought that I’d be in my 40’s when I got that elusive deal! It’s been an amazing journey to get there, and an even better once since!


Q: Blow was released in 2014 & this is just another great album., Tell me more about your band The Witnesses… watching some of your video performances, it really looks like the band is having a great time onstage.

A: BLOW is step two in the process of getting our vision out there. I feel like we are doing with horns, what no one else is doing, it’s uptempo, brash, boisterous, loud and makes you want to dance. And for me, that is golden. Warrior put us in Capitol Records to record this, in the same room my father created most of his mid 50’s era gems. So it was magical for me AND the band. Finding this band was a labor of love and came kind of easy actually. I knew that I wanted Stars, Performers, Brilliant musicians all rolled into one. ALL of them fans of Prima and STUDIED fans of Prima. They know what it is to play and perform to the standard that I set for myself, and they do it every single show. The music is written by myself, Marco Palos (sax), Ryan McKay (guitar) and AD Adams (drums). Together we have over 200 years of musical experience, likes and dislikes. And when you put them altogether, I think we end up with a sound that is uniquely ours…it’s a Prima…but it’s primarily Prima Jr. There have been personnel changes along the way as is expected. The road isn’t for everyone and sometimes changes need to be made. But each and every person I share a stage with and HAVE shared a stage with give it all EVERY time they hit the stage, and it has been nothing but 100% friendship and love on the sidelines..

Q: Flash forward to the past year, 2020, and it has been a nightmare especially for the music industry… artists have had to change the way they bring music back to their fans, whether it was IG Live, Bandcamp, YouTube or other means of live-streaming… What are some ways you and the band have been keeping up with your fans?

A: Nightmare is an understatement. We had just finished recording album number 3 and were at early stages of a 120 date supporting tour when it all crashed. Album on the shelf; and haven’t worked for 13 months and counting.. I’ve been doing my best to stay connected with our fans though posts on social media etc…But we have not entered the world of show streaming or doing online events. Without going into the many reasons why we haven’t, I will merely say that these “live events” are going to be detrimental in the long run. It’s the consensus of everyone involved in my organization so we have shied away from it. The other side is that we are a 10 piece band with many working parts behind the scenes. We all live in 9 different cities. The coordination and cost involved in putting something together would have by FAR sped past the potential income. And let’s be honest, we don’t this for free, And quite frankly, no matter what we do, on tape or video, we can NEVER fully capture the live experience of one of our shows. You can ask any of our fans and they will tell you the same thing. So it’s been a waiting game.

Music Box Supper Club

Q: I see you have some shows scheduled this year, first one on May 12th, at The Music Box Supper Club in Cleveland, OH. Is this a definite?

A: Music Box has already been moved to September. And it looks like July, August, September before we are able to play. The world is starting to open up, but unfortunately, the powers that be have deemed “enjoying a live show” as STILL the big spreader. So we wait.. We are all very anxious to get back on the road. We miss it, we miss performing and we miss out fans.

Q: Where can fans find your music?

A: Anywhere music is sold! for links etc!!

Thanks for that great interview!! I’m hoping to take a trip out the Music Box sometime in the near future..

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Perpetual Conduit of Positivity

Carrigan Nelson

I really want people to think about the power of positivity. If you think it’s a myth or some bull crap that people say to make others feel better, then I want you to read this interview & understand it’s a state of being that can actually heal the mind and body. So I want to introduce you to someone who literally lives and preaches this because she has to.. meet Carrigan Nelson.

Q: When did you realize that you were a good singer? And who do you admire as an artist?

A: When I was 12 years old, I sang with local music legend Jimmy Winters and I realized I was an entertainer. I also used to try and imitate pop stars so I had the ability to come in on key. I really admire Adele & Lauren Daigle. Both have such powerful voices.

Miley Cyrus

Q: If your story was a song, what would the title be & if you had to choose someone to sing it besides yourself, who would it be?

A: My story, if it were a song, would be entitled, “My Fight”. I would want Miley Cyrus to sing it because she sings my go to song – The Climb and she and I have similar vocal ranges.

Q: So let’s switch to your journey in the past few years…your life changed forever when you were diagnosed with Osteosarcoma, a rare form of bone cancer usually found in teens and young adults. You’ve had such tremendous support from your family, friends and the local community, how do you take that all in? What do your friendships mean to you & how have they shaped your life?

A: It’s hard to comprehend all of the help my family and I have received. All the financial help has afforded us the gift of time together. It has eased the financial burden of the loss of income and paying medical related expenses. People are so generous, thoughtful and kind. I have received so many comfort items, gifts, cards, care packages and prayers. My friendships have gotten though my darkest days. I am so grateful that my friends have stuck by me. They are such an amazing support system as is my family; especially my brother, his girlfriend and her family and my Aunt Bonnie, grandmother and cousins near and far. My community, our local musicians and other cancer families have been so supportive. We have been very lucky to never fight alone.

Ocean Drive – Newport, RI

Q: As a songwriter, you certainly have a lot of material from personal and painful experiences. What was the first song you ever wrote? And what is your creative process like?

A: The first song I ever wrote was a love song. Very typical young love kind of stuff. I still like writing love songs. When I’m writing music, I usually head down to Ocean Drive or the beach near my house. There is something peaceful about looking out at the ocean and writing music.

Top L – R clockwise: Machine Gun Kelly, Taylor Swift, Blackbear, Panic at the Disco!, Demi Lovato, Zach Sobiech, Madison Beer

Q: I’m going to name a few musicians and you describe them in 1 word: a) Machine Gun Kelly b) Taylor Swift c) Madison Beer d) Demi Lovato e) Zach Sobiech f) Blackbear g) Panic at the Disco!

A: a) Machine Gun Kelly – universal, b) Taylor Swift – heartbreak c) Madison Beer – a Queen d) Demi Lovato – soulful e) Zach Sobiech – inspirational f) Blackbear – funny g) Panic at the Disco! – talented

Q: Besides being an outstanding singer, you were also named RI’s Outstanding Teen in 2020. That was a complete surprise to you. What was that feeling like when they announced your name?

A: I was so shocked. I had competed twice for the MOAT & was named Miss Congeniality both times. I love the Miss RI organization. They have become my family and are so incredibly supportive of all of the candidates who compete. I have become very close with many of my pageant sisters and was so excited when I was invited to help re-crown Molly Andrade, Miss RI, and Caroline Parente, 2019’s MOAT. I was told they were being re-crowned because there wasn’t a 2020 pageant due to COVID. I couldn’t believe it when they crowned me Honorary Miss Outstanding Teen 2020 instead. It has been very meaningful to me. I look forward to competing in the coming years. I want to inspire and show that physical limitations don’t define you. We all have abilities. We all shine in our own way.

Q: Giving back and being kind is something that you apparently do on a daily basis, whether it’s being a mentor for young kids, giveaways on your Instagram or supporting the pediatric cancer patients at Hasbro Children’s Hospital. Name some of your favorite charities that are dear to your heart.

A: I have spent years singing for many social services agencies on the island whether to entertain or raise funds. They are all dear to me because they provide services for those in need. I am part of the Housing Hotline Board so I’m partial to causes related to emergency housing. Mentoring and Pediatric Cancer are close to my heart as well. I sit on the Glimmer of Hope Foundation Board and I care deeply about their mission and that of the Izzy Foundation and the Tomorrow Fund at Hasbro Children’s Hospital & The Jimmy Fund at Dana-Farber in Boston. All of these foundations have helped my family and I during my two year cancer fight. I am currently the recipient of a Life List Grant through the Dear Jack Foundation. The Riverstock Music Festival Charitable Giving patrons, Rosemary‘s Wish Kids, Be Great 4 Nate, The Aquidneck Island Charity Golf Tournament, The Portsmouth Santa Tour, Rise Up For Carrigan, Hillside Charities, Lilly Lights The Way, the local police and fire departments, Melissa Mulligan Voice studios, Liam Edwards & Friends and the Three Angels Fund and so many others have been incredibly supportive. I hope to give back to them and the many agencies which have helped me and so many Aquidneck Islanders. We have such a giving community.

Q: Name some of your favorite places you’ve performed at (could be events, fundraisers, restaurants) and do you have any virtual events scheduled in the near future?

A: This is so hard for me to answer. I have been performing for 8 years now. I have been honored to sing at many heartfelt events and for many wonderful causes. I performed at two fundraisers for my guardian angel, Hannah Wertens, who was also a singer. She and I sang together at the first fundraiser and I will cherish that moment always. I loved singing at the Newport Elk’s kid parties and at the RI Veterans Home. I also loved singing with musician Timmy May on the Newport Dinner Train, Thrive Coffee House, the MLK Birthday celebrations, hosting my own Cabaret Christmas show, singing in the North End of Newport, the Singing for Shelter concerts, the Riverstock and NIMFEST Music Festivals. I have always been honored to sing the National Anthem at local events. As far as virtual events, I will be performing with Jonathan Perry at the Newport Playhouse & with Riverstock Founder Steve Rodrigues at the Riverstock Musicfest in Massachusetts. I am singing a few tunes with Steve locally on Easter. My friend Thomas Harrington is fighting Ewing’s Sarcoma for the third time. He is an amazing drummer and I look forward to collaborating with him again. My parents and I are also writing songs together. My mom plays the ukulele and keys & my dad plays drums and guitar.

Q: This seems like an obvious question but it’s a new year, what are your wishes for 2021?

A: I am hoping 2021 brings me good health and that I beat cancer. I will continue to spread awareness of childhood cancer and continue my mentoring work. Helping and supporting my fellow pediatric cancer warriors is a priority for me. I have deferred college twice due to my leg amputation and chemotherapy so I am looking forward to attending in the Fall. I hope to reach 10K followers on my YouTube Channel and to release and perform my own music. Walking proficiently on my prosthetic leg is a key goal of mine. My life expectancy may be short but my dreams are big!

Carrigan is probably the most courageous and resilient person I know. Her constant positive attitude and gift of kindness to all she comes in contact with is not only amazing considering what she has been through the past two years, is quite amazing.

You can find Carrigan on several social media platforms. To follow her her, go to https://linkt.ree/Carriganmccorrie. She also created the group @sarcomafighters on Instagram. Carrigan is from Portsmouth, RI.

Power of Positivity

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Shining Star

Lainey Dionne

There are so many talented singers out there & I have discovered that if I look right in my very own backyard here in Rhode Island, there are plenty of them waiting to be discovered….and I’ve been lucky enough to see her perform… this is Lainey Dionne.

Q: I’m not going to brag too much here but I could tell right away how talented you were when I saw you perform as the opening artist for a NewportFILM event about 2 yrs ago at The Eisenhower House….you have that “it” sound that makes you stand out among other artists. When did you realize you could actually sing? Did your family encourage you to pursue music?

A: Wow. Thank you so much, what a nice compliment! I was always singing from as far as I could remember. I remember singing Charlotte Church and Disney in the bathtub when I was really little because I liked the way it echoed. My parents had me take piano lessons at 6 years old and always encouraged me to pursue music. My dad taught me my first 90’s song on guitar when I was 10. They supported my first year at Berklee and I will be forever grateful for everything they’ve done for me. I wouldn’t be where I am, pursuing what I love without them.

Q: It’s been hard for musicians especially local artists here in RI because of all the COVID restrictions…have you been able to maintain any means of profiting from music maybe it’s live stream donations or an online music platform like Bandcamp?

A: After a couple of months with no gigs, I was finally able to play outdoors in the summer while social distancing. I am extremely immune compromised so I had to bring a barrier fence with me wherever I played – what strange times! It was such a relief to be able to play again, but then the colder months came and it would be too much of a risk to play indoors with my condition, so I had to jump into the livestream world. So many people are struggling financially right now, so I perform live for free and am grateful for any donations or gratuities.

Top Clockwise: Lorde, Coldplay, Taylor Swift

Q: Who do you consider a great songwriter & who do you compare yourself with in terms of your songwriting style?

A: Oh such a hard question! I would say Lorde, Taylor Swift and Coldplay are amazing writers because their lyrics are unlike anything you hear on a regular basis. Who mentions “Nike’s”, “homemade dynamite” or “science” in a song and make it work so effortlessly. They have unexpected clever lyrics. I would compare myself to Gabrielle Aplin – she is a huge inspiration of mine. I feel like our voices are really similar and our writing is more straight forward with the occasional spontaneous phrase.

Clockwise L – R: Lorde, Sigrid and EDEN

Q: Choose 3 musicians: Who would you sing a duet with, go on tour with and go to the after party with?

A: I would sing a duet with EDEN, go on tour with Lorde and go to the after party with Sigrid. EDEN has a voice that makes you feel his pain with instrumentals that make you feel like you’re floating in the stars. I’d LOVE to be on tour with Lorde because she is a huge inspiration and her concerts look incredible and creative. And I’d go to the after party with Sigrid because she is quirky, hilarious and super chill.

Q: Besides all the chaos in 2020, you were able to release 2 singles… Hey London and Skin…tell me about what both of these songs mean to you & the story behind each one.

A: Hey London is an empowering bop written about dumping dudes that aren’t giving you the attention you deserve. I personify London throughout the song. The city is filled with people and beautiful to the eye, but there isn’t enough room for me there – just like how the relationship may look good to other people on the surface but deep down you know he’s not making the time for you. You deserve better so you’re “over it”! This song is a great feel good song after a breakup.

Skin was inspired by a low time in my life. It touches on depression and denial while being in a toxic relationship. You get so used to the abuse cycle that you become numb to it and are a stranger to yourself pretending that everything’s okay. It’s tough to get out of that cycle or to even realize you’re in that cycle. This song is a wake up call that you are becoming a similar version of yourself due to the actions of someone else and that’s not what love is.

Q: What does a typical day for Lainey look like?

A: Well now, it’s Zoom calls in pajama pants hahaha. Mostly it’s coming up for new songs for my set list, teaching piano, guitar & voice to my students, walking my dogs, doing some work on the business end of the music industry, maybe doing a co-write, playing some video games or watching the next trending show on Netflix and then doing some yoga before bed. It’s not as exciting as pre pandemic Lainey. I used to travel A LOT for tour and out of the country on adventures.

Q: What do you consider some of your biggest accomplishments in 2020 both in your personal and professional music career?

A: I love my new sound and it was incredible to be able to release that to the world this last year and to have people welcome it with open arms. I was ready to add the pop element to my folk roots and I’m excited to show everyone more of that! In 2020, I won the AC Award in the Unsigned Only Competition, which was amazing, along with placing in a few other competitions including the semi-finals of the International Songwriting Competition. Personally, this year was more difficult than I could imagine and I’m proud that I’m still pushing through.

Q: Where can fans find your music?

A: You can find my music on every single music service out there! My favorites are Spotify, Apple Music, Bandcamp, Youtube, Amazon and Pandora. All links can be found at and I would love it if you subscribe and check it out!

Thank you Lainey… and good luck in the ISC competition. And make sure to follow her on Instagram at laineysmusic.

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Hard Workin’ Man

Dillon Warnek

I happen to have been scrolling through Instagram looking for artists to reach out to and was lucky enough to find Dillon.. Amazingly talented singer and songwriter… yay me!

Q: You live in Nashville….it has such a rich culture in music history….was that a place you have always aspired to immerse yourself in?

A: There was a long stretch of time when I couldn’t imagine much more than immersing myself in whatever green room I was in, but when things slowed down, Nashville was on my mind. It’s kind of like a goldfish at the County Fair. They keep them in those little bags, and some kid popped 5 balloons or made it through the ring of death without puking will bring it home and keep it in a cup on the mantle or something. The goldfish spends two weeks staying cup sized and then it dies. What people don’t know about responsible goldfish care is that if you put it in a proper good sized tank, it’ll grow bigger and more gold. I think Nashville lets you grow as big as you want. At the very least, I had to give it a shot. I didn’t want to be found floating cup sized and belly up.

Q: Do you consider yourself a songwriter first & then a singer or does that go hand in hand? Because you really are a great storyteller with your lyrics.

A: I think they’re hand in hand. Anytime I start thinking I’m more of a writer that just means I’m taking it too seriously. I wrote the songs to sing them. In the end, it’s entertainment and I want to be entertaining. Usually how I know if I like something or not is if it makes me laugh. That doesn’t always mean it’s supposed to be funny. But if I’m laughing, I’m doing my job right, whatever the hell my job is.

Margo Price

Q: You have a new song out, Now That It’s All Over, on Bandcamp that will be on an upcoming album releasing on March 26….and Margo Price , who is phenomenal, sings with you on vocals. Did you write the 2nd vocal track with her in mind? Tell me more about the story behind this song.

A: I didn’t necessarily write it with her in mind, but her whole band backs me up on the record and her and I kept talking about having her in and singing on a song. I was wondering what song would be best and I think Drew Carroll (the engineer of all my stuff and most trusted musical confidant) suggested she sing on the song. A lightbulb went off in my head and it was just the perfect choice. Margo has lived a thousand lives and she knew exactly what to do with that song. Now I don’t even like playing it without her singing on it.

Courtney Marie Andrews

Q: You also play guitar in Courtney Marie Andrews’ band. I saw her a couple of years ago at The Newport Folk Festival & Deer Tick & Friends After Show…so I’m thinking I probably saw you as well? Are there any festivals, once this pandemic settles down, that you’d love to play as a solo artist?

A: I was there one of those years, but I had just tagged along. If you saw me, I was probably double fisting tequila while security checked my badge for the thousandth time wondering how the hell I got in. I think at this point I’m just excited to play anywhere, you don’t realize how much you miss something until it’s gone.

Top L – R: Bob Dylan, Lucinda Williams, Tom Waits
Bottom L – R: Randy Newman, Warren Zevon, Paul Robeson

Q: And speaking of Deer Tick, I believe I told you, your voice really reminds me of John McCauley a lot…. Who are some singer/songwriters that you look up to & would love to perform with?

A: There are certainly more singers and writers who have influenced me than I could count but I know Margo and Courtney are there right at the top. Jeremy Ivey is up there as well. If I had to make a Mt Rushmore, it would probably have Bob Dylan, Lucinda Williams, Tom Waits, Randy Newman and Warren Zevon. How many faces are on Mt Rushmore? I’d probably have to find a bigger mountain. If I could perform with anybody, I’d probably want to play piano for Paul Robeson as he sang any song he wanted to sing.


Q: What is your favorite go to, kick back and relax beverage after a night of playing a great show?

A: Tequila, the great betrayer.

Q: Who were your Top 5 Artists on Spotify for 2020? Songs?

A: My Spotify is all out of wack. Probably, “Wat Da Hook Gon Be” by Murphy Lee & “Low Rider” by War. All the names I mentioned above. I’ll listen to the same song 30 times in a row. People around me can’t stand it when I’m in charge of the music.

Q: Where can fans find your music and buy your merch?

A: Right now just at my Bandcamp. I’ve been laying the tracks as the train runs. I didn’t expect people to respond to it so now I’m scrambling. I couldn’t think of a better problem.

You can also find Dillon on Instagram at dillonwarnek. And don’t forget March 26th, his new album drops on Bandcamp.

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Big Plans

L – R: The Break Plans featuring: Dan (drums), Colton (vocals & keyboard) & Mikey (guitar & bass)

The thing I love about Instagram is that there are so many great bands out there just waiting for me to discover & I’m glad I found these guys. Let me introduce you to The Break Plans..

Q: So tell me how the band got together….something about a Craigslist ad?

A: Lol! Yea that’s exactly right! Colton was looking for a band after years of trying to be a solo artist and Mikey was looking for a singer. So one day I (Mikey) decided to check out Craigslist to see if anyone was out there looking to collaborate, especially a singer and I stumbled upon Colton’s full page advertisement. Usually Craigslist is a dead end for musicians in our genre but surprisingly he was into a lot of bands that I liked including Coldplay, The Killers, The Beatles. We ended up meeting at a neutral location like it was a first date and the rest is history. Also just to add, not too long after that both Colton and I met Dan, our incredibly talented drummer on Instagram. So we’d like to thank the internet for being invented. LOL.

Top – Bottom: The Beach Boys, The Beatles, The Killers, Coldplay

Q: Your musical style is kind of pop with an alternative edge to it…who inspires you as musicians?

A: We’re sort of all over the place with our inspirations honest. I think the one thing we can definitely agree on is that we love pop music and catchy hooks. It’s actually funny because growing up I was heavily influenced by my father’s love for music and The Beach Boys. Oddly enough, Colton was influenced by his parents love for The Beatles, which were both rock bands but with their own take on making pop music. As I got older, I really got into pop punk music and not going to lie but even enjoyed the guilty pleasures like boy band music. I think I really found my inspiration though when The Killers put out Hot Fuss, which is an incredible album. The balance of indie-new wave and anthemic rock that The Killers put into that album was everything I could ever want in music. Also, I can’t forget to mention Coldplay and Avicii were also huge inspirations for us too, especially Colton. I think Colton wishes he could come back in another life as a famous Swedish DJ.

Clockwise from Top: The Stone Pony, House of Independents and The Saint

Q: Hailing from NJ, what are some of of the local venues that you’ve played in that are some of your favorite?

A: We actually have played in different bands before we were The Break Plans, and fortunately enough to have had the chance to play in tons of venues in Jersey. Pre The Break Plans, The Stone Pony was always a favorite venue of mine because the sound in that place really made you feel like you were larger than life! Unfortunately when our band was just getting started with playing live shows, the pandemic shut everything down so we actually only played a few select shows in Jersey. We played our first show last January at The Saint in Asbury Park and it was unreal how amazing that show was. So many people came out to see a brand new band play its first show that we will always treasure it! Moving forward we have always said that The House of Independents is our main focus and goal. We think that venue is within reach for us soon and hope we can make it happen!

Q: What has the band been doing during shutdowns & quarantines to keep fans up to date & hearing your latest music? Live streams?

A: We started the pandemic era with doing lots of Instagram Lives and quarantine videos and released some new music in-between there. We also ran some contests to name our song “city lights” as well as merch contests. We also did a bunch of podcast interviews, which was super awesome to keep our fans in the loop. Overall, though we have been working on new music and trying to get up and ready for Spring and Summer.

Singles released in 2020: Let Go; City Lights; Crossroads

Q: The band released 3 singles in 2020.,. Let Go, City Lights and Crossroads… all of these songs sound like they belong in a tv show or film trailer…they must have that familiarity that makes me want to keep listening to them over and over. How long did it take to record? Are you working on a full length album?

A: Well, thank you so much for saying that! We hear that often that our songs have a “coming of age” sound or could be heard in a movie! At first, I didn’t know if that was a good thing but after really hearing further feedback about it, I was blown away by how much people like the music. Ultimately, the songs do not take long to be recorded. We basically hit the studio and track our instruments. Dan takes about 20 minutes to drum out his parts (literally – it’s crazy how good he is) we work on some sound design and then Colton, who’s flawless in the studio, lays down his vocals. The songwriting and prep does take some time and can be exhausting and tedious. I’m a perfectionist and can’t put my stamp of approval on anything until a I feel it’s ready. It drives Colton crazy sometime but I think he has also learned that we need to raise the bar every time we write new music.

Q: What did you guys do over the holidays? Best gift you received, best gift given?

A: I smoked smoked a lot of meat! If you saw my Instagram stories, I gave a play by play of my smoking process! I actually got a new car finally! So that was a nice present. I had been driving around in my wife’s old SUV and finally after the exhaust went and I started sounding like an old motorcycle, it was time to move on! Colton bought himself a new computer, which was much deserved! I also bought Colton a pair of white skinny jeans so maybe he’ll wear them someday! I didn’t ask Dan what he got for Christmas. It he’s always a good guy so he probably got everything he wanted from Santa!

Clockwise L – R: Smallpools, Neon Trees, The Bleachers, Lovelytheband

Q: You are going on a national tour & you have to choose an opening act. Who it be and why?

A: Well I would say The Killers or Coldplay but then again I don’t think anyone would stick around to watch us after as the headliner! Honestly, we haven’t toured before as The Break Plans so just touring and being an opener would be an honor in its own! But we would love to tour with bands like Lovelytheband or Smallpools maybe even The Bleachers…ohhhh Neon Trees would be an amazing band to tour with. I know we’re shooting for the stars with wishing to play with these bands but heh, who knows, maybe someday.

Q: Where can fans find your merch & music?

A: So our biggest home base is Instagram. So if you’re looking to interact with us or find the latest news head directly over there at thebreakplans. But the one place where you can find merch and music is by clicking on our link tree site which takes you to every streaming platform we are on and our merch store.

Thanks guys for the great interview! If you’re band has new music that you want to put out or get on my IG story, send me a DM through IG on music_stylist or if you would like an interview as well.

Until next time, I’m Your Music Stylist. ✌🏼

New York State of Mind

Hennessey feat. EJ O’Hara & Leah Hennessey

When I am looking for indie artists to interview I thoroughly scour over every article I can find on new music releases, emerging artists, upcoming livestreams, etc. So when I discovered the band Hennessey, I thought, Holy Shit!! This is some of the best music I’ve heard in a very long time, how can I get in touch with them? And Ta da!!, here it is!!

Q: When looking up some research for your band, one of the most common things written was that you are a “hipster band from NY”..Is that how you see yourself? How would you define the “hipster sound”? The band consists of Leah Hennessey on vocals & EJ O’Hara on keyboards..whose idea was it to get the band together?

A: When we were in high school, there was simply no greater pleasure than railing against “these fucking hipsters” or “those fucking hipsters”, constantly pointing the finger, while knowing full well that three fingers were always pointing back at us. Now I think in this post-hipster era, there’s something perversely satisfying about admitting that our band is a fucking hipster band. There is a clear lineage of snarky, poetic, arty freaks making clever music to dance to – from Le Tigre and LCD Soundsystem back to The B-52’s or anything on Factory Records or Ze Records — and I think we’re part of the lineage, and what else do you call but hipster music? I had been in bands before but never writing my own songs. EJ was always my favorite producer and maker of music on the computer and it was a dream for many years to get him to have a real band with me, ding my songs. The band is also really our two guitar players, Noah Chevan and Malachy O’Neil, who we play with live (rarely simultaneously though) and on recordings, but in this new quarantined situation the core of the band has really been me and EJ.

Q: I watched some of your videos on Facebook & I’m really excited for you guys in terms of where your band is going. You really have that uniqueness with the electronic, rock, 80’s new wave style & the way you command the stage…it’s just refreshing..What does the band miss the most about performing live in front of an audience?

A: I live to perform live and after a few months of not performing, I start to wonder if I exist. There is a certain self in me that cannot speak or move without the performance mode, and that self is currently in some kind of teenage angst with the door slammed shut, and I have to just give it space to sulk and wait till it’s safe for it to come out again.

8 Men

Q: New single coming out today, Jan 29th.. what is the story behind the song? Where do you get a lot of your inspiration for your lyrics?

A: The new song is called, “8 Men” and it’s about how the eight richest men in the world have more money than everyone else in the world combined. That number and ranking continues to fluctuate (now I think Elon Musk has more money than all of them) but the situation is the same. The wealth inequality on the planet is unfathomable – it’s too vast and drastic and brutal for me to even wrap my mind around. This handful of guys has enough money to feed and house and educate and provide healthcare for every single one of us – it’s not a shortage of resources that condemns so many of us to poverty and starvation. I was looking at some oversimplified info graphic about the eight richest men and I thought about reposting it and I was just hit with such a wave of nausea at the futility and hypocrisy of posting something so obvious and reductive (and on Mark Zuckerberg’s own platform – ultimately generating more revenue for Facebook/Instagram)….so I said fuck it and wrote a song instead, which I think expresses some of the absurdity I feel about even talking about this stuff. And I’m still going to post the song on Instagram.

Q: What have you guys been doing during this crazy stay at home/quarantining type of atmosphere?

A: My friends and I started a songwriting workshop and every Thursday we have to bring in a new song and play it for the group. The critique is very insightful and inspiring but the best thing is the discipline we’ve all developed just by forcing a song a week. That’s how I wrote this song and I never would have recorded it if my friends hadn’t been so receptive and amused.

Top L – R clockwise: Macy Rodman, Jarvis Cocker & Brighde Chaimbeul

Q: Scenario: The band is going on a national tour… you have to pick 1 artist/band to open for you, 1 band/artist to come on stage and sing with you and 1 band/artist to hang/party with you after the show. You also get to choose the venue to start the tour….

A: I can’t imagine a world where she would be opening for us and not the other way around but it would be my dream to have Macy Rodman open for us. I’m also thinking practically, because she doesn’t usually play with a band, she just has tracks and her own superstar self, but I feel like she could tour the world with a Bluetooth speaker and cardboard guitar in a Swarovski catsuit & get any crowd screaming in heat.

Right now my new obsession is this Scottish bagpipe/small pipe player is Brighde Chaimbeul. Her album, The Reeling, has been on repeat for me while I bike up the freezing bike path along the Hudson. I have a fantasy about her playing on a Hennessey song, and maybe when we start putting the album together, I’ll work up the nerve to ask her.

Maybe this is just the 2020 homebody blues talking but my dream for after a show would be to be whispered to sleep by Jarvis Cocker. I’m not big on podcasts but when I can’t sleep, I listen to Jarvis’ Wireless Nights – it’s the exact mix of banal comfort and subtle eroticism I need to cross the threshold into the land of nod. He’s one of my all time favorite heroes and if we could hang out after a shoe, whether that entailed “partying”, chatting or just passing out, I would die a happy fan girl.

Q: I want people to be clear, you are Hennessey (the band) but if you Google the Band Hennessey, you’ll get an entirely different band and sound….since you are a relatively new band, has there been any confusion with this other band with the similar name?

A: I know it’s crazy to call the band Hennessey — I always have to specify that there’s an e at the end so it’s not like the cognac – and there are so many other Hennessey artists, but it’s what feels right to me.

The Waterboys: We Will Not Be Lovers vice We Will Not Be Lovers by Hennessey

Q: We Will Not Be Lovers is a cover by The Waterboys. I love what you did with their song. Any more plans on covering other artists & adding it to your next album?

A: We have been talking about a prog-disco cover of a certain folk song but I don’t want to jinx it.

Q: Where can fans listen to your music and buy your merch?

A: Here’s a link to our music on all platforms… We usually do small batches of T- shirts which I post on Instagram @hennessey_the_band.

Go check out their new single, 8 Men, out today wherever you stream music.

Make sure to check out my blog, where I have quite a few interviews lined up. Reach out through Instagram if interested in an interview.

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Leave it to June Cleaver & The Steak Knives

There are some bands that have interesting names & there’s usually some long story or unique incident how it came to fruition.. but by far one of the best names for a band that I’ve come across is, June Cleaver & The Steak Knives.. for those of you who are too young to remember the TV show, Leave it To Beaver, trust me it’s clever. So here’s my interview…

Q: So the band consists of brothers Chris and Pat Bradley..and you literally play every single instrument, do all the arrangements, editing, mixing, engineering, album artwork & shoot your music videos. Is there anything you can’t do?

A: Plenty. Balancing a checkbook, marketing, self-promotion, taxes. We’ve always produced our own music, partly out of the love for the experimentation involved in multi-tracking and also of wanting to be involved in every step of the process, but probably mostly out of necessity. We’ve been recording ourselves since we got our hands on a 4 track tape machine back in 1996. We’ve never been a traditional band that would rehearse and then pay for studio time. Maybe we’re control freaks, but we’ve never wanted to hand over the production reigns to anyone else. We’ve tried it before, but could never really find anyone who could do it quite right. However, we usually do have a trusted party master our records for us.

Chris & Pat Bradley

Q: The style of music you create really cannot be put into one or two really has so many layers & facets to it… it’s like experimental indie punk dreamlike fusion…how would you best describe the sound you are creating?

A: Actually, your description sounds pretty accurate. We’ve always had a very difficult time trying to categorize our sound. We’ve tried a few different boxes on for size, including “demented pop”, “schizophrenic ambient” and “dystopian art rock” but nothing really seems to encapsulate our overall sound completely. A very astute group of progressive rock fans (from a forum called Prog Archives had a lengthy, theoretical discussion about is on the matter about a decade ago. They finally settled on “eclectic prog” and I think that suits us. Our early music was a lot more experimental, creating mostly instrumentals. It evolved into more traditional structures over the years while retaining the same overall flavor we’ve had since the beginning.

Find Merch on

Q: Whose idea was it for the band name?

A: Chris came up with it in a moment of deep clarity and vision. He had suggested the name for one of his bands when he was living in Florida, but they rejected it. It is at least a memorable name, and it seems that people either love it or hate it. It has conceptually been a deep well of inspiration for our visual ideas and branding.

Q: Deep Cuts & True Confessions.. good idea or bad idea? Are you running out of stories?

A: Never! But we’re always running out of time. Our focus has been on our newest project that will be both a full length album that comes with a beautifully illustrated book that seems to harken back to a time when people actually listened to records while studying the album artwork. There will be a huge amount of stories and characters to sift through. The Deep Cuts videos are fun, but we’ve got bigger fish to fry (or knives or sharpen) right now.

Top to Bottom: The Residents; They Might Be Giants

Q: I hear so many band similarities in your sound.. The Modern Lovers, The B-52’s, The Dead Milkmen, Talking Heads, Blitzen Trapper, The Cure.. I really could on and on but if you had to choose a few bands that you emulate sound from, who would it be?

A: It depends on the day, really. But I guess if we were to name a couple of bands that were huge influencers on us, first and foremost, we would have to acknowledge The Beatles. When we were little kids, we even started a band called The Crickets (not knowing much about Buddy Holly), where we tried to play along to Beatles’ albums and put on a few concerts for family members. Their music has been imprinted onto our DNA for years. We were also heavily influenced by The Doors, Radiohead to a degree, Frank Zappa. And then I think the most important bands that made us want to what we do would be The Residents & They Might Be Giants. And as far as what we actually sound like when all is said and done, we have heard from several varying sources that liken us to Echo and The Bunnymen, Talking Heads and King Crimson and a surprisingly long list of others.

A Place Where Nobody Goes on Spotify

A: How long did it take you to complete your last album, A Place Where Nobody Goes, from start to finish including album cover?

Q: Some of the songs go as far back as 2011, so about 8 years! Raising kids really got in the way. Also, our mother became sick with cancer and died in the midst of working on it – the album is dedicated to her. Since releasing that album, we’ve had a much more steady stream of musical output.

Mr Bungle
D D Dumbo

Q: For both of you, name a concert, other than your own, that you are looking forward to seeing in a post-COVID world.

Chris: a toss up between Primus covering Rush’s Farewell to the Kings album and Mr Bungle.

Pat: Lennon/Claypool Delirium or March Forth Marching Band or D D Dumbo.

Q: Where can fans buy your merch & stream your music?

A: We love to send people free music. We have a newsletter that comes out once or twice a month, chock full of artwork and links to songs and videos.

Well, I’m definitely signing up for that newsletter!! Thanks again to Chris and Pat for speaking with me. Make sure to check out their IG at: juneccleaverandthesteakknives.

I have several interviews coming up including Maddie Olds, Carrigan Nelson, Lainey Dionne, The Break Plans and many more in the works..

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Disparate Youth

Alex Simmons

I really wanted to explore the local music scene from a younger person’s point of view so why not start with the teens in Rhode Island, where I live, more specifically on Aquidneck Island. AI is made up of 3 towns, Portsmouth, Middletown and Newport. So I want to introduce you to a very talented young man, at 14 years old, he started a hardcore punk band called Bullet Proof Backpack & his own record label, Youth Distribute.. this is Alex Simmons….

Q: Why do you think you relate so much to hardcore punk music? What is it about the music that you find so relatable?

A: I don’t know what draws me to punk, probably the community of people alike or the sense of no direction and chaos that it holds. The aggression and passion that is put into the music is another thing that I really like about punk.

Top to Bottom: We Own Land; Never Coming Home

Q: The Aquidneck Island local punk scene has some pretty good well known bands such as We Own Land & Never Coming Home but not so much hardcore punk like Bulletproof Backpack, the band you founded this year…..Who are the members of your band, what instruments do you play & who are some of the bands that you enjoy and find inspiration from?

A: We’re actually in the middle of transitioning members at the moment but it is me on vocals and guitar, Aidan, my sister on bass then our two friends Marie and Rob. Marie is on guitar and Rob is on drums. The music we play definitely takes a lot of inspiration from Black Flag, Poison Idea, SOA, Rampage, Boston Strangler, Infest and bands of that more harsh and fast style.

Clockwise L – R: Negative Approach, Black Flag, Boston Strangler,
Minor Threat

Q: I was a pretty big listener of punk music growing up in the 80’s and often would go back to listening to Repo Man Soundtrack and the band 7 Seconds and The Sex Pistols…if you had a chance to perform with any band of your choice, who would it be?

A: There’s a good range of bands BPB could fit in with, I think the dream show would be Minor Threat, Necros, Negative Approach and Black Flag, then on the other hand, Infest, Boston Strangler, Rival Mob and Siege.

Q: Talk about your 2 EP’s; Total Lockdown released in May ‘20 & the just recently released Never Obey.. I think TL is obvious what that refers to but talk about your writing process….are you constantly finding inspiration in everyday situations or using personal experiences for motivation for your lyrics?

A: The writing process is all over the place, I’d write some riffs, put them together, add drums and vocals then record. There’s not much to it haha. For lyrics, I just write down whatever comes to me at the time, most of the time, it is an emotion or experience I had or am going through.

Q: What kind of things besides music are you into?

A: I do a lot of art, play video games and watch tv, regular things I guess..

Youth Distribute

Q: Did Youth Distribute come soon after Bullet Proof Backpack? What type of projects is the label working on?

A: Youth Distribute did in fact come after BPB, I’m working on a compilation of a bunch of newer and younger bands and I needed somewhere to put it out, so I started Youth Distribute, but I also release music of my friends and my own,

Q: I always thought Aquidneck Island could use a good punk music festival…I think when COVID is under control, Youth Distribute might be able to sponsor something of a local event…Are those type of events something the label is looking to see more of on Aquidneck Island and particularly in Rhode Island?

A: I would love to see more shows on Aquidneck Island, bigger fests like Sound and Fury I’m really not into. I, personally, love small basement shows, that’s where more of the shows I go to are. But a bigger fest on Aquidneck Island, depending on location and bands, I’d be interested in, most likely I wouldn’t want to be a part of something like that.

Q: Where do you see hardcore punk music going in the next 5 years?

A: I could see punk in the same spot it is now, punk won’t die out as long as there are people who are interested, but I definitely plan to be doing the same things in five years. I’ll only be 19 at that point & I don’t think my love for punk can change in that little of time.

Q: Where can your fans find your merch & music to stream?

A: People can find our merch and music at & Bullet Proof Backpack is also on most streaming platforms.

Thanks Alex for speaking with me & I can’t wait to catch a basement show!!

I wanted to give a shout-out to all the bands that I interviewed last year, I appreciate them taking time out to speak with me. I hope to bring you even more interviews & music reviews in 2021..

Until then, I am Your Music Stylist — Linda Dias.


Van Hunt, singer & songwriter

I first heard Van’s music when I was listening to multiple playlists on Spotify & was impressed by a cover of The Stooges, which I’ll ask him about later but for now let me introduce you to Van Hunt…

Q: You seem to have quite the musical ear..You started playing drums at age 7 and soon after learned to play the sax, bass and keyboards. How many instruments can you actually play? And are there any out there that you’d love to learn?

A: Haha! My biography makes my musicianship seem much more impressive than it is: i can get around on multiple instruments, but only out of necessity — in order to record my songs. I’m not by any means a virtuoso on any instrument. I am, however, confident I can play my songs differently than anyone else, and I can play other people’s songs in ways they never imagine. Lol.

Van Hunt & Randy Jackson at the Grammys in 2007

Q: The Grammy nominations were just announced & you’re pretty familiar with getting the call. In ‘04, your single Dust was nominated for Best Urban/Alternative Performance; favorite song on the album btw and you won in ‘07 for Best Performance by a Duo or Group for the remake collab on Sly & The Family Stone’s ‘Family Affair’. What are the first words that pop into your brain when you hear your name announced as the winner? Any predictions on which artist will be the big artist of the night?

A: My first thought upon hearing my name announced was, “Oh, shit! You mean I gotta get up and talk in front of these people now?” I’m glad you like Dust.. it was the first song I wrote that I predicted would be popular with listeners. It seemed catchy but most of my songs become popular despite my predictions. Lol.. As for this year’s Grammys winner predictions, I didn’t even know the nominations had been announced…but since you asked I tasked myself with skimming over the list; I predict the night’s big winner will be Megan Thee Stallion.

hopeless (penny witta hole in it)

Q: hopeless was just released in November but you actually wrote this song for Dionne Farris in ‘97. Why did you decide to record the song with your vocals & release?

A: ‘hopeless’ was my first song on the radio. It was such a special moment to write a song that’s being played, seemingly, everywhere. It was like a happy avalanche; where you’re buried under this acknowledgment from peers and listening public. There just aren’t many songs like that that a lot of songwriters have in their catalogue and the reason I recorded the song myself was simply because I felt I had something to contribute to its story. The version I released, “hopeless (penny witta a hole in it)’, is actually closer to the arrangement I had originally in my head before it was recorded back in ‘97.

Top L – R: Don Raye, Chuck Berry, Bobby Debarge, Molly Sarle Bottom L – R: Kurt Vile, Sly Stone, Bach, Billy Strayhorn

Q: Who are some of your favorite songwriters? And which ones have had the greatest influence in your career so far?

A: Some of my favorite songwriters are Don Raye, Chuck Berry, Bobby Debarge, Molly Sarle, Kurt Vile…. the biggest influences have probably been Bach, Sly Stone and Billy Strayhorn..

Q: Lots of time in isolation in 2020, what type of hobbies, non-related, do you do to keep yourself busy?

A: I love boxing, I watch boxing, I shadowbox, I talk boxing…I also love doing research into the mysteries of the paranormal, ufology, ancient megalithic structures. I’ve done research work for a few episodes of Think Anamalous Channel on YouTube . You can see one of them on the Great Pyramid here:

Amrit Singh & Van Hunt on Spectrum 1’s Music Diaries

Q: You appeared on Music Diaries in February of this year & spoke about rediscovering your passion for music. Talk a little bit about finding that passion again & why music draws you in emotionally while performing. Vocally & instrumentally, your music is so raw & moving.

A: Well, thank you. I separate songwriting into two parts: the art of storytelling – which is the work of the living, gathering material from the pieces of life, trauma, anxiety, etc. and then there’s the craftsmanship of songwriting – music production, arrangement, performance, engineering. I never lose passion for picking up instruments and making sound and rhythms, but it is the drool of music production and engineering that kills me. It’s a medium that’s subject to workflow issues and it can just kill a vibe…and then if I haven’t been bottled up – if I haven’t been absorbing information and processing without emotional release – then I don’t have this loaded creative force and when I am low on that then I am passionless. When I don’t bullshit myself- when I listen to the creativity working thru me and I pick up that instrument because I really have something to say, then the results can be “raw and moving”.

The Stooges feat Iggy Pop

Q: You released a cover of The Stooges’ No Sense of Crime… your version reminds me of the musical style of Lenny Kravitz’s first album, Let Love Rule …. do you feel like you emulate other artists vocally?

A: I’m a HUGE fan of The Stooges, thru following Iggy Pop’s output, I found the collaboration with James Williamson on Kill City, the album ‘No Sense of Crime’ is on. I’m sure my rhythm and blues and gospel quartet influences show up like Sly Stone, Prince and The Williams Brothers.. I’m afraid I’m not well-versed on Lenny Kravitz’s catalogue but I know he is an iconic figure – so it is an honor to be mentioned alongside him.

Q: Where can fans find your music?

A: Most of my official album catalogue is on Spotify and Apple Music and anywhere music is streamed, under Van Hunt. Rarer items, EPs, singles and playlists can be downloaded for name-your-price at you can also find those cool shirts on

Thanks Van for taking the time to speak with me. Be sure to check out the links in the interview and listen to his music, he’s a very talented artist, don’t miss out!

More interviews coming up with Ranky Tanky, Jenna Rae, Madison Olds.. also will be featuring a local teen series of talent artists from Rhode Island..

Until next time, I’m Your Music Stylist – Linda Dias