Jack of All Trades

Jack Downey

When I first reached out to Jack about an interview I assumed he was in a couple of bands but it’s actually like 6+ bands and he’s probably joined more since I spoke to him in early June. So lets find out what drives him to want more..

Q: At what age did you first pickup an instrument? And how many can you play?

A: In 5th grade, I started playing the viola, but that was mainly because I had to play an instrument of some sort as a school requirement. I began writing and teaching myself to sing in 5th/6th grade, but I began playing guitar in 7th grade. After a few years of that, I quickly learned bass guitar, out of a lack of bass players and in the past few years, I’ve been teaching myself drums. Most recently I took a piano class at school, so I now know a little about that too.

Q: You grew up in Hingham, MA…what are some of your favorite places you and your friends like to hang out at & where do you guys usually get together to play music?

A: Some of my favorite places to hang out with friends are Cronin Field in Hingham, which is a recreational area behind the town hall; Turkey Hill, a very scenic hill by Weir River Farm; and downtown Hingham. The Shipyard was also somewhere I went with my friends a lot because there was a movie theater there. As for playing music in Hingham, there really aren’t a lot of venues besides the South Shore Conservatory, so the only places I’ve played music in Hingham are at my house with my band mates or at Hingham High School’s Annual Singer Songwriter Showcase.

L to R: Sun Mask, Friday Life and Wave Goodbye are just a few of the numerous bands Jack is a part of.

Q: Jack, you are in a multitude of bands…you also produce, write the lyrics and promote your music as well. Name all the bands and projects you are currently involved in.

Friday Life: my longest lasting project. It’s an indie rock/post punk band with a lot of 80’s influence. I sing and play guitar in this band. We’re playing a bunch of shows this summer and beyond.

Wave Goodbye: my solo project. It’s a lofi bedroom pop project that I’ve released music under since 2018. This is where I go to write very emotional, honest music without the stylistic frills of my other bands. Since it’s a solo project, I play all the instruments and sing as well.

Sun Mask: This is a shoe gaze/noise rock duo formed with my brother Brendan during the pandemic. As with Friday Life (which Brendan is also in), I sing and play guitar. Things have slowed down a bit with this band having so many things on both our plates but we still have some tricks up our sleeves, so stay tuned.

The Dream Thieves: I play drums in this band, which I joined in November 2020 after meeting the frontman, J, in August of that year. We’ve been working on some demos which will hopefully be put this summer if all goes well.

Suburban Windows: This is a beats project I have on the side for fun. It’s more a hobby than anything, but it does help me hone my production skills.

Keegan Turner: I don’t believe this is a long term gig but I currently play bass in Keegan’s backing band. I took up that role after he reached out in June of this year.

I am also working on another side project, which is more of a surf pop based, but it’s still in its infancy so there is not much to say about it at the moment. I also have a single in the works that I recorded with Jack McLaughlin, Friday Life’s bassist. That project is called Shipwrights. I also played bass in The Understatements reunion show on August 6th..

I write most of the lyrics for the bands in which I sing and play as well..As for production, it depends on the project, but I am working on being able to do that.

Q: You do some DJ’ing as well… where can we find you regularly spinning? What is your equipment of choice when you DJ?

A: I actually only DJ on WDOM PC Radio on campus. I have a show called Tune Raider, which is derived from Tune Raider, a booking company that I run (which is starting to get up and running again now that shows are coming back). I mainly play a mix of underground songs from the past as well as local music that deserves more recognition. Currently, the show is on hiatus due to school being out, but once I go back in the Fall, I cannot wait to get back on air.

Q: Now that you are a full time student at Providence College… how are you able to balance all these bands and courses during the full time school year?

A: I am really only able to balance all these projects with school because they are not all active at the same time. Friday Life often goes on a bit of a hiatus during the school year due to three of the members going to different colleges. Sun Mask also shuts down a little, meaning when I am at school. I only have Dream Thieves and my solo projects to concentrate on. However, I am aware once that I finish school, I am going to have to make some hard decides about what stays and what goes.

Q: How many EPs & albums do you have recorded? Which one are you most proud of?

Here is a list of my recorded works:

Friday Life: – Demos [EP], hello. [EP], Each Passing Summer (acoustic) [Single], Every Time (Ultrasound Sessions) [Single], Where Are We Going? [Album].. There are a few covers/demos on SoundCloud, as well as a joke song called BEANOS on Bandcamp, but those don’t really count in my book.

Wave Goodbye: split ep with sadwaves, exhuming what we were [EP], I have no idea what this is [EP], there is a light that never goes out (the Smiths cover) [Single], nothing ever goes as planned [EP], California friends [Single], oh no [EP], two blue songs [Single], now you’re gone feat the mudskippers [Single], the graduate [EP], drag me down [Single], back to square one [Single], youth songs [EP], no more heroes [Single], tell me it’s alright (even if it’s a lie) [Single], summer [EP]

Sun Mask: Shimmering Heat [Demo] [Single], Into The Sea [Demo] [Single], The City [Demo] [Single]

Suburban Windows: Beat Tape 2020 [EP], cinema [Single], phantom frequency [Single], really nice day [Single]

I have contributed drums to two Puddlejumper songs (an indie rock duo from UChicago). New Lies & For Remo Muse

I also used to release work under the name Above Suburbia during my early high school years. That was my first ever musical project. Shallow (Just Another Wallflower) [Single], Growing Up Staying Young [EP], Fear [Single], Above Suburbia [Album], Shallow (Just Another Wallflower re-recording [Single], Shallow (Junkyard dog remix) [Single], Fake Flowers: B-Sides, Demos and Rarities [Album], Echoes From Some Fictional Landscape: The Lost Album [EP], Don’t Ask (Single with the Toxic 70’s), Best Above Suburbia [Album], Someone Out There [Single]

I am most proud of, Where Are We Going album by Friday Life. It was our second time going to a studio (the first time did not go well) and to truly hear the songs come together was amazing. I fully intend to improve upon this album on the next album but I am still really proud of it.

Q: Will we be seeing you perform this summer anywhere? Where can fans find your music?

A: Friday Life have performed a lot this summer actually but we’re going to focus more on writing but we’ll still play a few shows here and there. Friday Life, Wave Goodbye, Puddlejumper and Keegan Turner have music on all streaming services but the best band sites to use are Bandcamp and SoundCloud. There’s more material there. Friday Life and Wave Goodbye also have websites. Wave Goodbye & Friday Life and these have several links to other sites.

Here are some Instagram accounts you should follow: Friday Life, Wave Goodbye, Sun Mask, The Dream Thieves, Keegan Turner, Puddlejumprr and The Understatements. ..

Wow! I have to say that is a lot of material you have out there. Even some national acts that have been around for a few years, I do not think they have a catalog as extensive as yours. Hoping to catch a show of yours in the near future.

Thanks again Jack for a great interview.. The summer has been flying by so fast and I’m trying to fit all the interviews in a timely manner..

I have interviews with Great Good Fine Ok, Of Tik Tok fame Bear Bailey, Roanoke, Gentle Temper and many more..

I have a giveaway coming up on my Instagram coming up in celebration of my 50th Interview, which was 2 interviews ago.. stay tuned to music_stylist on IG.

Until then, I’m Your Music Stylist.

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