Newport’s Laden Valley Homecoming

To Be Alone – Laden Valley recorded live at Uptown Sound in Providence, RI

There have been many exciting things happening in Newport, RI this month… including the filming of Hocus Pocus 2 in Washington Square & Man vs Food at The Hungry Monkey on Broadway but TONIGHT at The Jane Pickens Theater at 7pm is Laden Valley’s debut album release party.

Q: So it’s great to see a band from my home state of Rhode Island, having such success and loving what they do.. The band consists of Evan St Martin and Dave Sarazen. How did you and Evan get together to form the band, did you know each other from previous bands you’ve performed with?

A: Dave and I met 3 years ago when Dave showed up an hour early to a Bible study at my house. We didn’t have any context for the music we’d done in the past, but there was a guitar in my living room and we kind of got to playing right away.

Q: Your voices blend so well together & the harmonies are so beautiful..especially on your single, “Do You Love Me Still?”’s just music to kick back and relax in a hammock… each of you have played in bands before Laden Valley… is the style of music that you are creating now some of your best work?

A: The style of music we are working on now is intentionally divergent than anything either of us have done before with other projects. We knew we wanted to focus heavily on vocal harmony, which lends itself to folk music, but we also wanted to be careful not to pigeonhole ourselves. Laden Valley, more than anything else, is a space to stretch out and take a shot at the kinds of music we’re into at the moment or have been wanting to do for awhile. I wouldn’t say it’s better than anything that we’ve done previously, it’s just a bit less genre specific.

Jane Pickens Theater

Q: What are some of your favorite venues to perform at in Rhode Island and why?

A: There are a bunch of great venues in Rhode Island. The ones we’re most interested in are the ones we haven’t played. Jane Pickens Theater being one. We knew when we were coming up with ideas for an album release show that we wanted to do it at a theater. During that time I went to see Jaws at Jane Pickens and thought this is the place!

Q: So the show is tonight, Haunt The House is supporting. Will there be any surprises or guest appearances? How pumped are you guys for tonight’s show?

A: We’ve put together an amazing band for this show. Even though we the front band as a duo, the music goes through a lot of hands during the recording process. I’ve always said that to truly represent recordings in a live setting that we’d need 8 people. We managed to pull together 7 for the show and I have to say I’ve been blown away by how things sound at rehearsal.

Perro Salado Newport, RI

Q: Where do Dave and Evan consider some of the best late night food found in RI, especially after show performances?

A: After the show at Jane Pickens, I’m headed to Perro Salado for some tacos.

Q: Favorite music festival played and favorite music festival wishlist.

A: We started playing together right around the time the world shutdown, so we haven’t played a festival yet. At the top of the wishlist, without question: Newport Folk and Telluride Bluegrass.

Top clockwise: Vampire Weekend, Andy Shauf and Grateful Dead

Q: Who would be the most surprising artist to be found on either of your Spotify/Apple !used playlists?

A: I doubt if it’d come as a surprise (and I’m definitely not speaking for Dave) but Vampire Weekend and The Grateful Dead have been in heavy rotation for several months now. And also the latest album from Andy Shauf..

Laden Valley patches

Q: Where can fans find your music and purchase some of your merchandise?

A: Wherever you can stream music! And if you want merch, you’ll need to be at the show TONIGHT if you want to get some!!

Thanks Evan and can’t wait for the show! Tonight 7pm at Jane Pickens in Newport. Haunt The House will be supporting the band. There are few tickets still available, you can purchase here: Laden Valley Album Release Show

Make sure you follow Laden Valley for all their latest news and music at and you can also find them on Instagram at ladenvalley.

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See you at the show but until then I’m Your Music Stylist!!

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