Sulls in Isolation

This ad kept popping up on my IG account about some band called The Sulls so I decided to find more about them myself. So here is the interview with the band..

Q: So the band is headed by brothers, Brendan and Kyle Sullivan… when did you guys start playing music together… early on growing up?

A: Yes! We started playing music in our basement when we were just starting middle school. It was very loud. Looking back, I can’t believe our neighbors were cool with it.

Q: You guys play a lot of events especially weddings… whose idea was it that it was a good idea to start playing weddings?

A: We definitely pride ourselves on having been successful across the wedding, corporate, private and college event spaces. Each market has its own unique aspects that make them enjoyable. We pursue everything as a team and both decided that weddings would be a market we could offer something unique in.

Q: The band was voted Best Rock Band in 2019… that’s pretty guys must be pretty proud of that…

A: 2019 no doubt was an awesome year. We did a lot of acoustic gigs which made it funny to us that we get voted best rock band during a year we played mostly acoustic gigs haha!

Q: Now in 2020, everything is kind of at a stand still in the music industry. … as a band, primarily that plays weddings, how had the coronavirus affected you?

A: Covid-19 has really taken its toll on the live event industry. It’s caused a lot of uncertainty towards our couples. We try to be as flexible as possible with not only our wedding couples but anyone who booked us to for an event. Although Covid-19 has caused a lot of things to be rescheduled, we’re looking forward to getting out there and providing some awesome entertainment for people when this is over.

Q: What had you been doing during the stay at home orders? Music or non music related?

A: Music-wise we have been learning some new songs to add to the set list. We’ve also been working on a new lighting design which is going to be awesome to see live. Non music-related, we’ve been getting really good at Call of Duty.

Mohegan Sun

Q: Any live-streams happening?

A: We’ve done 4 so far and a studio session. We’re tossing around some ideas to keep things interesting. Keep an eye out!

Q: Where can people find The Sulls music?

A:, our Facebook page and Instagram at @thesullsmusic are the best way people can connect!

More interviews on the way from CJ Tate, Izora, Clouds and Thorns.. Reach out if you would like an interview or have a new release coming up..

Until next time, I’m Your Music Stylist – Linda Dias

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