Get To Know Will Evans

Q: Let’s talk about the transition from the Barefoot Truth to Will Evans & Rising Tide….why did you decide to go from a group dynamic to solo? Was it just time for you?

A: I was already writing most of the music for the group and we were realizing that touring wasn’t everyone’s cup of tea.

Q: Drums, guitar, vocals? Which do you prefer?

A: All of the above. That’s precisely why I love playing solo so much.

Q: Your songs tend to be socially conscious and embody passion for the planet earth. Why is this so important to you?

A: First, because there is no planet B. Secondly, I’m such an Aquarian. I’m highly sensitive and really feel life all around me and the connection of it all.

Q: What type of music do you tend to gravitate towards? Favorite artists?

A: Anything with a kick ass rhythm section or groove. Also love good messaging.

Q: You are an avid where is the best places to surf in Rhode Island in R.I.? What are some of your favorite places to surf in the country?

A: I can’t disclose locations.. Surfer’s code. We don’t get it as often but New England has some amazing breaks. Favorite place I’ve surfed is New Zealand.

Live stream on Facebook

Q: Can we expect any live stream concerts on Instagram, Facebook, etc?

A: Every Thursday at 8pm EST on

Q: So the coronavirus restrictions have really hit the music industry hard and for many artists like yourself, this can be hard financially…What have you been doing during these “stay at home” orders? And where can people go to buy your merchandise?

A: It has been difficult and really the big unknown of how long until we can gather in big numbers is the real concern. We’ve been doing a virtual tip jar on the livestream and ask folks to play our music as much as possible or consider purchasing merch.

You can find Will Evans’ tip jar at You can also hear his music on Spotify, Apple Music and most streaming services.

More interviews on the way from The Sulls, CJ Tate and Izora. Reach out if you would like an interview or have new music..

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