Edge of Seventeen


Q: Thanks for speaking with me today.. quick bio: You’re 17 yrs old, stage name Izora, and born & raised in India… Where did the name Izora originate from? Were your parents influential in getting you interested in music?

A: Hey! Glad to be here. So basically I was thinking about what I wanted my stage name to be and the name Izora very randomly popped in my head and I instantly thought it was perfect and for those of you that don’t know; my real name is Shreya Jaswal. My parents played a massive role not only in influencing my taste in music but also in encouraging me to pursue my passion (music). I’ve listened to almost all of my Dad’s song collection which starts from the 70’s music and my mom encouraged me to take guitar lessons in 5th grade which basically was the beginning of my musical journey.

Q: Who are some artists that you consider your influences? I had my 11 yr old nephew listen to your music and he says Billie Eilish & I say, Lana Del Ray with a hint of Lorde.

A: Haha..that a very good guess. Presently my biggest influences are Lana Del Ray, Lorde, Daughter, Billie Eilish of course and Gabriella Wilson (H.E.R.)

L to R: Feel Better & Midnight

Q: You had 2 singles released in 2019, Feel Better & Midnight…Give me a quick run down of what these songs are about.

A: Feel Better is a song about how we all go through these tough times and society in a way has made expressing sadness a sign of weakness so everyone is just told to smile and get over it when you really are trying to process your emotions. I wrote Midnight after watching Stranger Things lol. But it turned out to be about this “dark side” almost all of us have inside us and sometimes it takes control of our emotions. I’m on the outside looking in and trying to connect to that side and eventually am able to come back to my senses. Then again music is all about perspective, different people can have different takes on the same song.

Q: Let’s talk about Grey, your latest single. This song was produced by Jessy Covets.. Tell me what it was like working with her and what did you learn from her while making the song?

A: It was one of the best experiences I’ve ever had with a producer. I’m all about supporting the women in music so I DM’ed her on Instagram and she almost instantly understood exactly what I was going for, she is one of the best producers out there and is also super sweet and easy to work with. I really look forward to working with her again and would recommend her to everyone. She is madly talented.

Q: Grey is about your mental health issues…have your fans reached out to you about dealing with their own issues and see this as being therapeutic for them? It really is such a beautiful haunting song..

A: Thank you so much! When I get a text from someone that goes something along the lines of my music helping them overcome a mental health issue or how they were feeling down all day and started to feel great after listening to my tracks, I instantly feel wholesome and a little emotional. It feels like a giant warm hug…. Music heals….and I’m glad something I created in my little bedroom helps someone halfway across the world. I’m super grateful.

Q: Quick hits: only 1 answer…. a) Facebook, Instagram or Snapchat b) Rap, Alternative or EDM c) Science, Math or Economics d) Football, Kabaddi or Squash e) Mango Bite, Pulse or Toffee f) Justin Timberlake, Drake or Harry Styles

A: a) Instagram b) Alternative c) Economics d) Football e) I don’t like candy (please don’t kill me) f) Harry Styles

Q: Any live-streams in the near future?

A: Yes. I usually do live streams at around 11:30am PST

Q: Where can people listen to Izora and stream your music?

A: @i.z.o.r.a. on Instagram, @izoramusic on Twitter and Izora on all streaming platforms. Thanks so much for having me!

Thank you to Izora and a reminder if you want your music to be heard or interested in an interview please DM me on Instagram. I will be happy to promote/review your new music as well.

Stay tuned for an interview with Clouds and Thorns. But until next time, I’m Your Music Stylist – Linda Dias.

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