Catching up with The Ghost of Paul Revere

Sean, Max and Griffin

Q: COVID-19 has wreaked havoc on the music industry.. how are you guys coping with not being able to be out on the road?

A: It’s been a struggle for sure, this is the longest stretch we’ve been home in years! It’s hard to focus on the positives when the rug has been pulled out from under you in a situation like this, but it really helps to try to. This whole situation has created an opportunity to focus on songwriting and practicing our craft.

Q: I see that your 2020 Spring tour has been pushed back to Fall/Winter…with the restrictions in place probably for the foreseeable future, the venues will have to sell less tix but it might make it a more of an intimate experience for the fan, which is something I prefer.. what’s your view on that?

A: One of our favorite parts of this job is connecting with the audience, so playing more intimate shows are usually fun for us. I’m curious how the industry will compensate the lack of tickets sold to keep growing bands running.

Q: During the stay at home order, lots of people have been binge watching Netflix, Hulu, Amazon Prime… I saw that you were a bit obsessed with the Tiger King… what other shows did you discover or would recommend to your fans?

A: Oh man, that damn show. Tiger King provided a window into a world that seemed as upside down and bizarre as the one we entered back in March, so it had some entertainment value. For recommendations, however, Middleditch and Schwartz is really hard to beat if you want a laugh. Also, What We Do in The Shadows ( or anything Tajiks Waititi is involved with) is great.

One of many online live streaming events

Q: You’ve been doing a lot of live streaming for your fans…what’s your favorite part of the streams so far?

A: Though we don’t always have the best of luck technologically, the streams have been a lot of fun. It gives our fans a chance to see us in our literal home environment and gives us a chance to check in with folks and let them know we’re thinking of them. Our fans are incredible and they’ve given us such support we can’t thank them enough.

Maine Beer Company, Bissell Brothers, Lone Pine Brewing

Q: So Maine has some great breweries…what beers would you recommend to me as I am a huge craft beer fan.

A: BEER. That is a tough question.. Not so much as to figure out what to recommend, but to figure out where to begin! Let’s start you out with some Maine Beer Company, Lone Pine, Oxbow Beer and Funky Bow and take it from there.

Q: My 3 favorite songs by the band: This is the End; After Many Miles and Little Bird,.. you guys remind me of Nathaniel Rateliff a bit. What are the band’s favorite songs to perform live?

A: Thanks! That’s another tough one, but when we last left off, I think some of our favorites to play together live were Little Bird, Chrysalides and a couple songs off our upcoming album. We’ll let you guess what they are when you hear it!

Q: Where is the best place for fans to support the band? Buy merch, make a donation??

A: Head on over to The Ghost of Paul Revere and it will have all the info you need. Thanks so much for talking with us. Hope you’re hanging in there! – Sean

Not only can you find the band at their website above but you can also stream their music on Spotify, Apple Music, Amazon Music, YouTube Music platforms or anywhere music is streamed. To help support the band, you can also catch their series “Ghost Notes” by clicking on the link above to hear previously unreleased tracks and never before seen content.. each track is set up on a donation basis… for more details go to:

I have some interviews coming up with Planet Mercury Band, Vaughan Supple, The Sulls, APRE, CJ Tate and many more… until then I’m Your Music Stylist – Linda Dias.

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