Say Yes To Michigander!

A couple of months ago, I spoke with Jason Singer of the band Michigander before COVID-19 started really wreaking havoc across the country.. I asked him some questions about the band.. here’s what he had to say…

Q: Tell me about your song writing process?

A: I usually start with a chord progression or beat and write over the top of that. Locking down a solid melody is first priority.

Paste Studios NYC Jason Singer & Jake Lemond
Full performance

Q: You performed at Paste Studios in NYC in 2019.. what was that experience like?

A: I was horribly sick and it was hard to park our van in the city, and we were almost late. But it was a very cool experience when all was said and done.

Q: What has been some of the best experiences that Michigander has had on the road?

A: Recently, I played in Minneapolis in the small room at First Ave and there was a line out in front of the venue for the show and it was very surreal.

Q: Are you a more processed beats type or an acoustic guitar type when it comes to creating music? Or is it whatever creative mood you happen to be in at the time?

A: It changes per song. I try to make sure the songs can be stripped back and just played on the acoustic though.

Top to bottom: The 1975 and The Strokes

Q: What artists are you into right now?And who do you see as the next “breakthrough artist” or next big thing?

A: Really loving these new singles from The 1975 and The Strokes. Would love to see more guitar bands like that become more relevant again soon. Not sure who is next.

Misery on Spotify

Q: Let’s talk about your music… I, personally love the song Misery. It sounds so familiar yet it’s like I’m hearing it for the first time. Love song?

A: I’m actually not sure what that song is about. It kind of all just came to me all fleshed out and I was just lucky enough to write it down.

Midland EP, single East Chicago on Spotify

Q: Is there any song you’ve recorded that you consider “this is the best song I’ve ever written”? And why does it mean so much to you?

A: I feel that way about East Chicago, but I think some of these new tunes that I’m working on are by far my best work and I’m excited to play them live.

Jason Singer

Q: You are hitting the festival circuit soon starting in May… maybe one of the biggest is the Firefly Festival on 6/18 in Dover, DE. Headliners include Rage Against The Machine, Billie Eilish, Halsey, Khalid etc… This gives the band tons of exposure to thousands of fans.. What does playing at such a large event mean to you? ***

A: It’s pretty wild. Been working towards these stages my whole life and now it’s finally happening, it doesn’t seem real.

Q: Can we count on a full album from Michigander in 2020? What can we expect?

A: There will be new music.. Not sure when or what it will look like, but it’s been worked on and it’s coming.

*** Since this interview, the world has been hit with the Coronavirus pandemic all over the world and pretty much every major music festival & concert has been canceled or postponed till next year.

You can find Michigander on Spotify, YouTube, Amazon Music, Apple Music, Audiomack, Souncloud, Pandora etc.. Go to Jason’s Linktree site.

As you know, musicians have been hit hard financially during this time… please consider making a donation to many of the musicians relief funds including Music Cares COVID-19 Relief Fund.

Stay tuned for more interviews… if you are interested in having your band promote new music, send me a DM on my Instagram. Until then, I’m Your Music Stylist – Linda Dias

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