Rock The Planet Mercury

L to R: Pat Connolly, Chris Lovejoy, Michaela Logan, Jerry Picard

I really love this band from my neighboring state of Massachusetts and I finally got to interview one of my top music discoveries within the past year, Planet Mercury Band.

Q: Before COVID-19, turned the music world upside down, what was the band working on? Tours? New music?

A: Before COVID hit, we were working on a lot of new music. We were in the beginning stages of booking a tour for the late summer/early fall and we were also going into the studio to record some new material before everything changed.

Q: So you guys are from MA, what are some of the best venues around the Boston area that you like to play?

A: There are a lot of really awesome local venues in the Boston area. In Boston, a couple of our favorite venues include Thunder Road and Midway Cafe. In the surrounding area, Alchemy and Fete Music Hall are awesome venues in Providence, RI and The Raven in Worcester, MA has also been great to us.

Q: You guys fall in the pink rock/pop genre, who are some of your favorite bands that inspire your sound?

A: We have a lot of mutual influences as well as some that are particular to each member. We all really love pop/punk music from the early 2000’s including bands like Green Day, Sum 41, Blink 182 and New Found Glory. That being said, we also all have many other bands we love such as Oasis, The Story So Far, Against Me!, The Beatles, Royal Blood, Trophy Eyes and many more. The grunge movement in the 90’s and the resurgence of garage rock in the 2000’s definitely has influenced our sound.

Death Wish For Living

Q: You released a single this year, Death Wish for Living, an EP None in A Million and 2 singles. Any plans for a full length album?

A: Yes! We were ready to start tracking for our new album before COVID-19 hit the US. We have a good bunch of songs that work well together thematically, so we thought it was about time to have a crack at recording our first album.

Q: Now back to present time, the Stay At Home order for MA is in effect till May 18th, what are some of the things the band has been doing to pass the time?

A: It’s admittedly been tough to stay active with everything going on. We’ve talked on Zoom about how we can keep the wheels rolling and we’ve been working on some stuff from our homes. We’re finishing up the lyrics for our album and we’ve talked about recording a cover song or two from home. We’re hoping things get back to normal soon so we can get some new tunes soon.

Q: What are some tv shows that you guys have been watching?

A: Definitely Tiger King when all this started, haha. Jerry is a big horror buff so he’s been watching all kinds of horror movies on Netflix and Hulu. Michaela has been watching copious amounts of HGTV and Pat has been watching shows like Pawn Stars and Working Moms. Chris also recommended Death and Robots and we’ve heard really good things about Outer Banks, so we’ll have to check that one out too!

Q: Best take out restaurants during the stay at home order?

A: Shoutout to Serio’s and Uncle Ronnie’s in Burrilville, RI..Also, Antonio’s in Worcester.

My tshirt I purchased from the band

Q: And where can fans buy merch and find your music?

A: We sell and ship merch ourselves so if there’s something that interests you, feel free to shoot us a DM and we’ll figure something out!! We ship pretty much anywhere so don’t hesitate to ask us about something! As for our music, it can be found on most major streaming services, as well as YouTube for those who prefer that platform.

I really encourage people to listen to this band if they haven’t already.. you can also find them on Instagram Planet Mercury Band

If you or your band has a new song/album soon to be released or if you are interested in your band to be featured, please send me a message on IG at music_stylist. Stay tuned for interviews with Vaughan Supple, Will Evans, APRE, CJ Tate, The Sulls and many more.

Until next time, I am Your Music Stylist – Linda Dias

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  1. Nice job Linda. Is music a full time gig for these guys? Maybe a good question for future interviews could be about lives today? All in all an interesting interview. I look forward to seeing them sometime in Providence.

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