Boys Just Want To Have Fun

Sunroof by Nicky Youre feat Dazy courtesy of YouTube

Anyone who has watched Tik Tok videos within the last couple of months will recognize this artist as having one of the Top Songs on the social media platform and over 40M streams on Spotify.. Sunroof is already being viewed as one the #1 viral hits of the year. Let me introduce you to Nicky Youre!

Q: Are you familiar with the term, “earworm”? A catchy song that constantly plays through your mind…Sex and Lemonade w/over 1 million streams and now Sunroof once again fitting into that box. Was that your intent while writing these songs, knowing the addictiveness when adding lyrics like “da da dada da”, will in fact play over and over in one’s head?

A: I grew up listening to pretty much only pop music. I didn’t have a choice in what I listened to because I’m the baby of the family, so I listened to what my sister and brother wanted to play, which was either The Beatles or Justin Bieber or other boy bands. So I always had really catchy pop music playing growing up. Now I love making music that has a catchy chorus and is really fun….probably because that’s what I listened to as a kid! I definitely try to make songs as catchy as possible so that they get stuck in your head, above it all, I just try to have fun with it. That’s how my best stuff has been made so far.

Q: Let’s go back a bit…You’re from So Cal, the OC specifically…you seem like a fun, not so serious type of guy…Did growing up in the area help you relatively have more of a laid back demeanor because of the unique vibe?

A: I think growing up near the beach has had a large impact on my personality. Not that I even go to the beach all that much, but being around people who do, has made me more of a laid back guy (I think at least a lot)

Q: Like a lot of newer artists, they start out with mixtapes, SoundCloud releases, concerts in friend’s backyards, college parties etc. How did you start getting your music heard when you were starting to create and mix your own tunes?

A: I started making music in my buddies room back when I was 17 years old (about 5 years ago now). He would put his stuff on SoundCloud and then eventually on Spotify too. Then he helped me figure out how to do all of that when it was time for my own artist project. Luckily, I had a great support group who posted my song on their stories and told their friends about it. I also posted about it on Tik Tok using a cameo from Johnny Sins, which did really well and sparked some attention to my page.

Q: Let’s talk about Sunroof, released at the end of 2021, it’s one of those songs you hear on Tik Tok constantly, definitely a summer banger.. and this song features the artist Dazy. How did you hook up on this collaboration? And how fun was it to create this video? How many times did you have to shoot the driving scenes?

A: I met Dazy on Instagram after he heard my song, “Sex and Lemonade”. We started messaging each other and eventually met up to make music in person. We quickly became friends and started making lots of music together. He is great to work with, easy to get along with and a very talented musician. The music video was super fun. It was my first one but the Vision Kids Team that shot the video made it super easy and comfortable. We drove around a neighborhood in a circle for a couple of hours to get that video done.

Q: If you weren’t a musician, what would you be doing with your life?

A: I don’t know. I was in tech sales before this, but didn’t necessarily love it. I think I’d still be doing it, but I would probably try some new things as well. Hopefully, I won’t have to find out the answer to this question anytime soon 🙂

L to R: Quinn XCII, Tai Verdes, Dominic Fike

Q: If you were a headliner for a major stadium tour, who would you choose as your 3 supporting acts and why?

A: I would love to go on tour with Quinn XCII, Tai Verdes and Dominic Fike. I’m just a fan of their music.

Never Go Wrong by Nicky Youre feat David Hugo courtesy of YouTube

Q: New single, just released 3/25, Never Go Wrong… tell your fans the meaning behind the song..

A: Never Go Wrong is a song about meeting someone and feeling like they walked out of a movie and into your life. This person is someone that would get songs written about them because they are so lovely. They make you feel like nothing could ever go wrong in your newly found relationship with them and you can’t wait to give them a try.

Nicky Youre and David Hugo

Q: All 3 singles are with other artists…are you going to continue to do collabs or release something solo?

A: I love collaborating! I think it leads to my best music because it helps give me different perspectives that I wouldn’t think about on my own. I will definitely continue to do so over my career, whether it’s with producers, writers or other artists.

Q: When can fans expect to see an album or EP release?

A: I am hoping to get an EP out by this year 😉 only time will tell! Definitely new music is coming!!

Q: Where can fans find your music and are there any special events/shows you want to let fans know about?

A: You can find my music on any streaming platform at Nicky Youre. You can also follow me on Instagram Nicky Youre and on Tik Tok Nicky Youre

Thanks again Nicky for the interview.. Can’t wait to hear what catchy tunes you’ll be releasing this summer!! Make sure to stream his songs anywhere you listen to music..

Stay tuned for more talented artists such as Pearl Charles, a fantastic indie singer and The Foxies, you’ll swear you’re hearing Gwen Stefani.

Until then, I’m Your Music Stylist.

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  1. Nice job. Haven’t heard his tunes but while I’m on my hands and knees working in the yard today I’ll check him out. Thanks for sharing😊


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