Teenage Dream

Anorak Patch: Clockwise: Drummer Luca Ryland, Guitarist Oscar Ryland, Keyboardist/Vocals Effie Lawrence and Bassist Eleanor Hellwell

These aren’t ordinary teenagers who just jam in your parents’ garage for fun….this group of talented musicians form the group Anorak Patch and are quickly rising in popularity in the UK.. let me introduce you to the band.

Q: The band is from Colchester, Essex and the teen members consist of drummer Luca Ryland, guitarist and brother Oscar Ryland, bassist Eleanor Helliwell and Keyboardist/Vocals Effie Lawrence. Whose idea was it to start the band? And did you already know how to play or did you teach yourselves as you went along?

Effie: My dad does an annual music day at Albion Pub in Rowhedge and he invited us to play there. I knew Oscar and Luca played instruments and that Eleanor was just starting out on bass, so I asked her to join, although she wasn’t too keen at first.

Q: How did you come up with the band name? Was it as simple as someone was wearing an Anorak & you thought, “hey great band name” or is there a story behind the name?

Effie: There really isn’t a story, we were torn between a few names. Milk Cottage was one, thank god we didn’t choose that.

Q: England seemed to have much stricter COVID rules than here in the US including curfews and maximum amount of people allowed in a room together or at gatherings. How did you find the time to practice between lockdowns, restrictions and school?

Effie: During the lockdown, unfortunately we weren’t able to practice or perform but as soon as the restrictions were loosened, we got together again and started writing.

Top L – R: Pitch Perfect Soundtrack, Ravi Shankar and Carly Simon

Q: To all members: What artist/bands would your band mates least expect to be on your music playlist?

Effie: The Pitch Perfect Soundtrack; Eleanor: Carly Simon; Oscar: Ravi Shankar

Black Country New Road

Q: I think I read that Radiohead was one of your musical influences. I happen to love their album, The Bends, myself. What is it about them that you love? Are there any other bands you admire?

Oscar: At the time of those interviews when we were mentioning and referencing Radiohead, it was true that we considered them as an influence but we have moved away from that artistically and listen to a broader amount of music. Eleanor: I also think that we are influenced by their unique sound and how at the time they were upcoming and something new. I think we want to replicate that feeling now. Luca: Black Country New Road are also one of our musical influences at the moment, we really like their new album.

Q: In 2020, you released 2 singles…Beans and 6 Week Party, which was named on the BBC 6 Music Playlist. Were you guys notified ahead of time or were you surprised and heard it live as it was broadcast? How excited were you?

Effie: We were extremely excited and the week that we were on the playlist, it was very positive for us.

Credit to Gigwise

Q: So now 3 more singles in 2021, Blue Jeans, Irate and Delilah.. Is there an upcoming album this year?

Effie: We are very excited about our upcoming EP By Cousin Sam..it’s a change in musical direction for us but we feel positively about this and hope everyone enjoys it.

Courtesy of YouTube

Q: Plans for touring now or in the summer when school is out? If touring now, are there any dates you can share?

Effie: We haven’t gotten any dates announced for the summer but we have some shows in March coming up.

Q: Where can fans find your music and merch?

Effie: All streaming platforms…

** At the time of this interview, Anorak Patch’s latest single Cousin Sam had not been released..****

I’m sure we will be hearing from more this sensational band and maybe we will be able to catch a show if they travel across the Atlantic and hit the states!! Thanks again Anorak Patch!!

We have more interviews coming your way including Nicky Youre and The Foxies.. as always, if you have a suggestion for band you’d like me to interview, shoot me an email at mewzickkismylife@gmail.com

Until then, I’m your Music Stylist.

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