5 Questions w/Scott Clark of Lovepet Horror

Scott Clark

Q: Do you come from a musical family? Was music a big part of your life growing up?

A: None of my family are musical really, except my auntie, which is where I had some guitar lessons early on. Music was really an escape from daily life when I was growing up.

Q: When did you start to get interested in writing songs?

A: When I first got into the Beatles albums and discovering their story, I decided to have guitar lessons with the aim of writing songs from the start, it wasn’t ever really to be in a band or to do covers. I was about 15 about the time.

Q: Take me through your song process..do you just wake up and start writing?

A: I usually sit down with my electric guitar and just start playing chord sequences, then start singing melodies/words to them, after that I keep adding to it and start to refine a couple of lyrics once I start to understand what the songs about or could be about. There’s usually a couple of different ideas in there to make it a little abstract. The songs come out quite naturally and thoughts and feelings at the back of my mind end up in the song. I could never force them out. I have had one song that I dreamt, which I might be recording soon, but it’s quite a rarity.

Q: Who do you consider your biggest musical influence and why?

A: Probably the combination of The Beatles and Syd Barrett’s solo work. I guess the biggest influence I can take from the Beatles is that they broke the mold by writing the songs themeselves, which I really admire, particularly in a world of multiple co-writers.. Their ability to write melody is another strong one and their artistic integrity towards the music they were making. With Syd Barrett, you also have that artistic integrity and credibility there but also the types of weird chords and types of song is something I really feel close to and can identify with very much. The fact that he created some of his own artwork and was an artist in his own right is something I really admire.

Q: You have a new song coming out on April 10 called Everybody Hates a Genius.. lyric “50 million streams means nothing to me” talk about your new song and your music coming up in 2020.

A: That’s right.. I’ve got a new single coming out on the 10th of April, Everybody Hates a Genius; it’s really a collection of ideas and thoughts put together lyrically, there are a few cheeky lines in there and tongue and cheek satire (similar to Morrissey or Noel Coward) but nothing too on the nose. The general theme of the song is about the underdogs of music I suppose, that line, “50 million streams, means nothing to me” goes back to the idea that the quality of music is what I focus on and get gratification from rather than appearing to be popular of course, I’d like people to hear my work, but if it’s only a smaller audience that get it, then its all good to me. continued below

I recorded this single in the first session that I’m doing towards my first album, which hopefully will be out early next year, I have the new single recorded, which will be on the album. I will be focusing on a number of sessions to get the album recorded and releasing singles throughout the year as well as making music videos for them. Currently, I have a music video finished for the new single which is inspired by 20th Century Surrealist art films.

You can find Lovepet Horror’s music on Spotify.. the new single, Everybody Hates a Genius is out April 10..

Coming up, I have an interview with indie folk singer Chance Emerson.. Until next time, I’m Your Music Stylist – Linda Dias

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