5 Questions with Doll Skin

So on March 13th, I was supposed to attend a show at Alchemy Providence to see Doll Skin, who was the headliner for a few punk bands including local favorite, Never Coming Home.. But by then the Coronavirus was gaining steam and Providence Mayor Elorza had issued a ban on all entertainment licenses to be suspended and thus I never got to meet the band for pics or film any of the performance. I did, however, get to interview them via email..

2019 single, Mark My Words

Q: First reaction to hearing that Mark My Words was named 25 Best Rock & Alternative Songs of 2019 by Billboard

A: Getting recognized on a platform like that blew our minds! That happening this early on was such an insane surprise. We were all, and still are, so excited to be on that list!

Q: We need more all female rock groups in the music industry to be given airplay. I feel like you could be the group to break this cycle. What impact do you want to make in the rock/punk industry?

A: We hope to make it known that women DO have a place here. We DO belong in this “man’s world”. We can only hope that our fearless approach to how we do what we do can inspire more people to live out their dream and work towards their goals, no matter how daunting.

Q: Favorite bands of all time. (each member)

A: Sydney: Pierce The Veil, LetLive, Knocked Loose. Alex: Dream Theatre, Soundgarden, Tool. Nicole: My Chemical Romance, Taylor Swift, The Regrets. Meghan: John Mayer, Refused, My Chemical Romance. We could all honestly throw in so many more random bands we all love; our music tastes are all over the place!

Top: Seattle, WA.. Bottom: Portland, OR

Q: Favorite city/state on tour & most outrageous experience..

A: We have gone all over the world at this point, so it’s always hard to pick one story, so I’m going to list a couple. One time, Alex got arrested in El Paso for weed and weed concentrates on her. And one time our tires flew off, like the two back tires on the driver’s side went loose and FLEW OFF. That was insane! Consistently, favorite places to be have to be Seattle and Portland. Those cities are always so beautiful and the shows always go hand in hand.

Q: You have some loyal fans.. what do these fans, who follow you from city to city, mean to you?

A: Our fans in general mean the world to us. We would not make it anywhere without them. The fact that some of the are that dedicated, it BLOWS my mind. It’s so cool to know we mean that much to them because they mean that much to us and more.

Doll Skin is signed to Hopeless Records.. you can find them on their Spotify channel and listen to their 2019 album, Love is Dead and We Killed Her.. check out their Quarantunes playlist while you’re stuck in the house and NEW dates for the Slam Dunk Festival are now in September.

I’ll be working on some interviews and hopefully do some follow up live interviews on Instagram Live. Until then… I’m Your Music Stylist – Linda Dias

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