Bands To Know in 2023 – The Heavy Heavy

Miles and Miles – The Heavy Heavy (courtesy of YouTube)

I’m always scouring the Internet for new and interesting bands to learn more about and I kept reading in several online music magazines like Loudersound & The Guardian about how “the next big band to watch” or “bands you don’t want to miss in 2023” all kept coming back to The Heavy of course I had to find out for myself. And oh yes, I wholeheartedly agree.. Here’s my conversation with bandmates, Georgie Fuller and Will Turner of The Heavy Heavy.

16 Artists To Watch 2023 – American Songwriter

Q: Most recently, American Songwriter had named your band as “the ones to watch in 2023”.. it’s such a great honor but in the back of your minds, do you feel like you now have to live up to a certain level of expectations from the industry/fans & how much pressure does that put on you?

A: It adds something —we wouldn’t necessarily call it pressure, but it’s certainly brought a new level of gravitas which we now are aware of. We are recording our debut album so it could be easy to “feel the pressure”, but we just have to trust the music.

📸 Siese Veenstra Fotografie

Q: The band has a very retro sound like a cross between The Mamas and The Papas and some 70’s jams at times. Your music doesn’t really sound like anyone else out there right now & that’s what makes your sound so refreshing. When did you start playing together as a band & had it always been your intent for the retro throwback sound?

A: We formed The Heavy Heavy in 2019 off the back of Georgie laying down some backing vocals on some old demos from a previous retro sounding band of Will’s – both our hearts lie with that sound, so it was inevitable.

David Crosby – 📸: Scott Dudelson
Getty Images

Q: In November of 2022, you released a cover of Crosby, Stills and Nash’s Guinevere but sadly Crosby passed away on January 19 of this year. What did David Crosby mean to both of you and how has he influenced your music?

A: David Crosby is a huge inspiration having grown up with his records. He is the ultimate product of the whole world – the Laurel Canyon scene in the late 60’s. Fearless and mystical, melodic yet intangible – his songwriting is uniquely dreamlike, if we can create anything close to evoking feelings he evokes in us, we are onto something.

Red Rocks – Morrison, CO

Q: Your debut EP, Life and Life Only, released last year took you on the road where you performed at some pretty incredible places including all over Europe and this September you guys will be performing at Red Rocks in Morrison, CO. What are your thoughts on playing at such a beautifully incredible venue knowing so many iconic bands have performed there?

A: Performing at Red Rocks is a complete dream come true scenario. We visited Red Rocks on the last day of our debut US tour, looked down at the stage and the view beyond and said, “One day”. Well that “one day” came round pretty fast. It’s going to be a night we’ll never forget.

📸: Onstage Photos

Q: The band has performed and recorded a few cover songs. If you were to cover any song by any artist if the modern day pop world, who would it be and why?

A: Can’t think of anyone at this point.

Newport Folk Festival 📸: Music Stylist

Q: Looks like the band is playing in several music festivals this year starting with a tour in March. Any bands you are looking forward to seeing or maybe collab with on stage? May we see you at the Newport Folk Fest this year?

A: No Newport Folk Fest this year as far as we know – one day we hope! We are on lineups with some incredible artists and these are some that we are hoping to catch – Sheryl Crow, Neal Francis, Marcus King, Kevin Morby, Courtney Marie Andrewsany one of these artists would be insane to collaborate with – we admire them all immensely.

📸: Anders Johansson

Q: Touring can be hard on bands, especially now with the price of inflation driving up all the costs that incur with tours. How does a Spring/Summer non stop tour take a toll on both of you emotionally? How are you guys doing?

A: We feel good about it. On our previous tour, we didn’t have a bad day. We are so excited to see people and play the music, and we have an incredible band and team around us that we feel supported. I guess we are lucky.

Top L- R clockwise: The Nude Party, Oracle Sisters, Mapache, Neal Francis and SG Goodman

Q: If you were to recommend a new artist for me to listen to, who would it be?

A: Neal Francis, The Nude Party, SG Goodman, Mapache or Oracle Sisters are some contemporary acts we are really digging.

📸: Nici Eberl

Q: Where can fans find your music?

A: We are working on the debut album as we speak. It can be expected….soon. 🙂

Spotify, Apple Music, Youtube, Bandcamp etc…all the usual places. We are most active on Instagram in terms of updates.

Thank you so much for the interview. I highly recommend taking a listen to this band as you will see their sound is not like anything you are hearing on many platforms these days. And if you are thinking of ways to support your favorite bands, you should probably be buying some of their merch at shows or directly through their website. Here is The Heavy Heavy site if you’d like to check their shop.

I am hoping to post a new interview every couple of weeks so if you have any band suggestions, feel free to email me.

Until then, I’m Your Music Stylist.

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  1. Nice job Linda. I like that you included the video at the start of the interview. Their song reminds me of the sounds of the early Hey Day of AM pop. I’m glad they promoted The Nude Party

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