The Whole Wide World Is His Stage

Nordista Freeze performs “Fight Song” at the Come Together 2021 – CRC Nashville Benefit courtesy of YouTube

Nordista Freeze is unlike any artist you’ve probably seen or heard before. His unique style of dynamic high stage performances, some might think that you are attending a live theater show, it’s an “anything goes” type of atmosphere. I was lucky enough to catch up with him, here’s what he had to say about his music.

Q: When many people hear, “our band is from Nashville”, they immediately assume its country or folk…However, you have that sound that exudes a fun indie pop psych rock niche. Your vocals sound so different on every song, which to me, just shows what a talented performer you are. When did you decide on wanting to do this for a living? Have you always wanted to be in a band? When did you get that itch?

Nordista: I’ve known my whole life that I’m an artist. I like music the most but I like other stuff too! You’ll see!!

Q: You are the ultimate roadie! You have quite a milestone under your belt as you just completed your 700th show in a span of 6 yrs. ..that’s pretty much 3 shows a week. What creative ways did you find to perform in 2020 when basically everything was at a COVID standstill? Are there any clubs in particular that you favor? Fave club on the road & in Nashville?

Nordista: Thank you! COVID was brutal. Nothing can replace live music. I tried everything but there is no solution. There are lots of great clubs across the country. I’ll make a list of my favorites if you like! My favorite venue in Nashville is The Ryman truly. I look forward to taking that stage when the time is right.

Q: You wrote, “Big Sky Pipe Dream” and released the album in ‘21…and I have to say it’s one of the best albums front to back I have heard in a very long time.. Tell us the process that you went through putting this album together and finally getting it released.

Nordista: Thank you Linda! That means so much to me! I got super into The Beach Boys, NRBQ and merseybeat. I found less is more. Linda, have you heard Jan & Dean’s version of, “Linda”? It’s great!!! Anyway, we tracked it mostly to tape by Johnny Hopson and Bryce DuBray of Future Crib. It’s a return to harmony too. I love voices.

Q: Sometimes I ask bands to play This or That… so 5 questions, you pick one..

  • David Bowie or David Byrne
  • Crowd Surfing or Ocean Surfing
  • Real Name or Stage Name
  • House Show or Club Show
  • East Coast or West Coast

Nordista: 1) Never listened to either 2) Ocean surfing sounds fun 3) the whole wide world is your stage 4) arena show 5) east coast because of the Carolinas

Nordista Freeze on Lightning 100‘s Music City Mayhem 2021

Q: Nashville radio station Lightning 100 Music City Mayhem has a contest showcasing new musical talent & you won in 2021. How has this helped your career and recognition among your Nashville peers and beyond?

Nordista: Lightning 100 rules and playing Live On The Green was my dream come true.

Clockwise L – R: Bob Dylan, Nordista Freeze and Tom Petty

Q: You’ve been called the “cosmic Tom Petty” by fellow Nashville artists.,, How do you interpret that?

Nordista: I had never heard Tom Petty at the time. I think I see myself more as 70’s Bob Dylan.

Jam in the Van set – Nordista Freeze courtesy of YouTube

Q: The band recently recorded a set on Jam in the Van series where you can find here on their website or YouTube. What was that experience like? Some great bands have performed in that van.

Nordista: It was an honor to record where Oberhofer once recorded, and a Nick Jester came out, who runs my favorite Instagram (@nickjester)

Q: Who are some artists that you look up to and who are some you’d love to share a stage with or go on tour with?

Nordista: I would like to open for ABBA’s CGI tour.

Q: Where can fans find your merch and stream your music?

Nordista: everywhere 😀 thank you for a great interview!!!

Please check out Nordista Freeze on all platforms where music can be streamed. Nordista Freeze is still on tour.. you can catch them at the Radio Room in Greenville, SC on 10/30 and Nordista Freeze Space Prom in Nashville on 12/2. Get tix at the links above.

Next up, I have interviews from The Westerlies, 12 Parsecs Band and many more.

Until Then, I’m Your Music Stylist.

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