Here come The Foxies!!

I Don’t Wanna Want It – The Foxies (Courtesy of YouTube)

On September 23, The Foxies will release their much anticipated debut album, “Who Are You Now, Who Were You Then”. This pop punk trio from Nashville is ready to show music fans what makes them one of the most exciting energetic bands on the rise.

I was lucky enough to catch up with the band to answer some burning questions I had for them… so here are The Foxies..

L – R: Jake Ohlbaum, Julia Lauren Bullock and Rob Bodley

Q: What I find most interesting about several of your new songs on the album that in a way, it’s somewhat of an unconventional love album….several songs mention relationships or wanting to be with someone. Am I wrong? How would you best describe what the concept of the new album is?

Julia: You are very right! This album is lyrically painting the picture how I dealt with my relationship with a certain human, and how I dealt with the relationship with myself. Listening to the album from top to bottom is a rollercoaster, because that is what goes on in my head constantly when I am romantically involved with someone. But more importantly, this album is a journey of growth and acceptance.

credits for the song Overrated.

Q: Does everyone get in on the writing process… Julia, Jake and Rob? Do you all write lyrics and then kind of work the process putting the album altogether?

Jake: Our process has been really fluid over the years, but these days, the writing starts with Julia and me. We usually have a co-writer or two we enjoy working with, and the song gets pretty fully written and demoed from there. After that, we bring our favorite songs to the band and everyone picks their favorites before we go into the studio to record drums, vocals etc. Every song is different, but generally that’s the sequence of events.

The Foxies

Q: Now there has been 4 singles released so far. 1) Overrated 2) Headsweat 3) If Life Were A Movie and 4) I Don’t Wanna Want It Give is a breakdown of the story behind each song.

Julia: Overrated is a point-the-finger track to myself. I get so caught up in social media and trying to be on everyone’s radar, that creating becomes exhausting. I have to keep myself in check and remember why I do what I do. It’s easy to get lost and to lose yourself in this industry. Headsweat is a tune about sexual frustration. Wanting someone so badly that you’d cross the ocean for them. If Life Were A Movie is the realization track that the person you were so excited about, was really just in your head and their true being is not what you made them out to be. It’s a mean track for sure haha but it is about turning the tables and gaining control over heartbreak. I Don’t Wanna Want It is an honest track about falling back into the cycle of vices. You know someone or something isn’t good for you, and you hate that you want it, but deep down inside…you crave it.

Q: I Don’t Wanna Want It is such a great tune…and you just released the video… how fun was it to work on this? Was it a crazy fun experience?

Rob: I really love working on all of our videos, Julia has such a creative visual mind, and it’s always fun to see it all come to life. Plus our boy Ryan Sheeby is amazing!!!

Overrated – The Foxies (courtesy of YouTube)

Q: Let me congratulate you on the debut album… I love how I felt like I was listening to a soundtrack to a TV series or film….definitely music that one can easily relate to whether it’s about relationships, social media overkill or a state of mind…. Have you ever thought about if your songs were to be used on a TV soundtrack, what shows could you envision them on?

Rob: Well, I’d have to say, I would love for it to be on my favorite shows but they are long since over. As far as shows or movies, I wish or hope some day to be an opening song for a 007 movie. That would be epic!!!!


Q: Let’s talk about the Nashville scene…being from such a musical city full of tremendously talented artists around every corner, how would you compare your sound as being unique compared to other pop punk bands from the area? What makes your band stand out?

Jake: We’re so lucky to have come from here. I think we are able to stand out right away in Nashville because our hybrid of punk music and dance music, specifically, wasn’t something you could find anywhere else. I think because we stood out right away, we’ve never had to fight for the validation that what we are doing is original, which I think for a new band is really lucky. I’m not entirely sure these days what makes us stand out, but we keep doing our thing and Nashville has really embraced it the whole time.

Green Day & Gwen Stefani

Q: I can definitely hear a Gwen Stefani/No Doubt influence in your sound. Who are some bands that you would say that have influenced you music through the years?

Julia: No Doubt has definitely helped me find my voice. But I would say that Green Day was the most pivotal band for me. I first saw them when I was ten on their “American Idiot” tour and then everything clicked for me. I thought to myself, “If he can play his music for millions people, then I can too.”

Q: The album’s release date, 9/23, happens to be the first date of your European tour supporting Billy Idol (this makes me so happy for you guys – love him so much)… What was your reaction to hearing you’d be supporting a legendary alternative 80’s icon?

Julia: Awe thank you! I’m happy too! It’s a total dream to support this legend. We got this opportunity to play a few shows with him last summer and it was such an amazing time. We honestly had no idea we would be getting a call offering us to support him in the EU but we are so grateful that we do. Him and his whole team are wonderful people.

picture courtesy of

Q: What are your plans in October after coming back from Europe? Is there going to be a US club tour scheduled? Hopefully make it to the RI area??

Rob: Yes! I lived in Boston for almost 5 years so we need to get our butts to New England ASAP!!! We’ll do a little bit in the US this fall but 2023 will be when we really hit the road hard. Hope to get to Rhode Island and see you guys out there!!

Q: Where can fans find your music? Where can they purchase your merch?

Rob: Our music can be found on whatever streaming platform you prefer. As far as merch, we have an online store on our website,

You can also find The Foxies on IG @thefoxies

Thanks so much to the band for taking the time to speak with me. I’m telling you guys, this band is going to blow up real quick so get ahead of the game and start listening now!! You can say, you listened to them when…

If you or your band would like an interview, send me an email at Until then, I’m Your Music Stylist!!

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