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Lose My Number – Nightly courtesy of YouTube

Nashville isn’t just for country music anymore.. it’s starting to find its niche in the alternative indie pop music world as well.. this is where you’ll find the band Nightly… I think you are really going to want to stop and take time out to listen to this trio of talented musicians. Here’s my interview with the band.

Q: When people think of Nashville, ALT pop music isn’t necessarily the first thing that comes to mind. Music City has deep roots embedded in country music here. How does Nightly shake up the ALT music scene in Nashville & how do you think you stand out from the rest of the bands?

A: for sure! I think while it is heavily country, there is actually an amazing pop/alt scene that has been building many cool bands and artists are moving here. there is also an amazing community. the other thing is that Nashville has some of the best songwriters in the world so it’s a great place to learn about the craft of songwriting.

L to R: Nightly members Nick Sainato, Jonathan Capeci and Joey Baretta

Q: Nightly consists of 3 members, Jonathan Capeci & Joey Baretta, who are cousins, and Nick Sainato. For Jonathan and Joey, when did you guys actually start playing together and then when did the three of you hook up and start performing and writing songs together?

A: we started in 2016, kinda without a band name just writing songs. joey and I moved to Nashville from philly and we met nick here in town. it was instant chemistry.

night, love you courtesy of Apple Music

Q: In 2020, you released the album, “night, love you”, which is really the meaning behind the name of the band name. How did this moniker come to light? How did you decide on the band’s name? What is the significance?

Q: the first song we ever wrote was this song that we never released called “the night” and we kinda fell in love with the phrase night, love you and eventually got to night-ly or nightly.

older by nightly courtesy of Spotify

Q: The song “older” was off the singles on night, love you. This song hit me emotionally, it definitely moved me, made me think about my life particularly the lyrics, “ I don’t do the things I’m supposed to. Overthinking, under focused. Emotional rollercoaster. Keeping it all on my shoulders. Hoping no one will notice. I’m no good at getting older.” I mean, this song could be referring to pretty much everyone yet it also seems so personal. Tell me more about this song and did it take an emotional toll writing it?

A: thank you! it’s one of my favorites that we’ve ever written. I knew that the album was missing a ballad and so I was kinda thinking of ideas in the back of my mind for about a week and I just would write like a couple lines a day in my notes app on my phone..then one thursday night, I sat down and the whole song just came out in like 30. it’s deeply personal and is written about all the things I was feeling at the time. I tried to be as raw as possible and while I think it’s so cool how people have connected to it, it’s really just about exactly the place I was in that time of my life.

Q: When I first listened to the band, I heard similarities to The 1975 and Old Swing. Who would you say has had an influence in your musical style? Or is it your own spin?

A: we definitely are fans of lots of artists and bands like coldplay, the neighbourhood, the killers and about a million others but our goal is to simply sound like ourselves. but yes, I think everyone builds on their influences.

Clockwise: Frank Ocean, Coldplay and Sza

Q: This is for each of you: Who are you listening to right now on your Spotify/Apple Music music playlist? Who would you recommend for me to check out?

Q: sza is like my favorite artist right now and has been for years. I also love frank ocean, I’ve recently been going back to coldplay’s first album.. I just love how it kinda sounds like it was recorded in a bedroom or something.

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Q: You guys have been on tour earlier in your career in ‘16-‘17 & had opened for some pretty big names like Ke$Ha and The All American Rejects and performed at Bonaroo Music Festival. And now you’re going on tour and supporting The Midnight on 3/9 at Brooklyn Bowl in your hometown of Nashville. How excited are you for this upcoming tour? Does it feel good to get back out there on the road? Will there be any surprises on tour?

A: we are so excited to get back on the road. COVID has kept us from being on tour for 2 years which was so tough when it comes to the cycle of releasing music. so far no special guests during the set but we will be playing a new song and probably bring back at least one old song that we haven’t played in a few years.

Q: When on tour things can get hectic….Do you have any pretty-show prep? Any routines, superstitions before going on stage?

A: honestly not really…maybe a few push-ups to warm up the body, lots of water, a shot of tequila and we usually do a little huddle before we go on stage.

Q: Where can fans find the band’s music and merch?

A: you can stream our music on all platforms and merch is on our website

You can also find the band on IG: @nightly; Twitter: @nightly; Facebook: @thisisNIGHTLY and TikTok: @nightlyofficial

Thanks so much to the band and if you see any dates on their tour schedule hitting your town, Make sure you grab a ticket!

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Until then, I’m Your Music Stylist.

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  1. “I’m no good at getting older” What a great line! I’ve got news for them, it doesn’t get any easier the older you get!


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