Betcha Gonna Love Us

Pleasure by Betcha courtesy of YouTube

As I’ve mentioned before, I love listening to the playlists that Spotify creates for me and one of the songs that caught my ear was Pleasure by the band Betcha.. so when I like a song, I need to learn more about the artist… so lucky for me they happily agreed to talk with me.

Q: You’re based out of Nashville, a city full of aspiring musicians trying to be the next discovery.. what makes your band different from all the rest that you believe has helped your success?

A: Good question! This year we took a hard look in the mirror to find out what makes us stand out. The one thing that makes us unique is how we stay true to being a rock band, with our four personalities and playing styles blending together to create the Betcha sound. Modern music in the 2020’s has introduced so many genres and styles and we think we bring something fresh yet familiar to the alternative rock scene.

L to R: Chase Wilfork, Ben Booth, Charlie Green and Taylor Dabray

Q: The band consists of Charlie Green (vocals/guitar), Taylor Dabray (bass/keyboards), Ben Booth (lead guitar) and Chase Wilfork (drums)…you met at Belmont University, had some jam sessions and performed under a different name.. who made the decision to change the name and why? Just not feeling the old name?

A: Our band used to be “Wilder”. It is Charlie’s middle name and it fit the sound that we used to mainly play, which was much more folk rock based. We changed it to “Betcha” because we actually got a cease and desist from another band! We like Betcha a lot more though. It comes from a combination of all of our names. BE from Ben, T from Taylor and CHA from Chase and Charlie.

Q: I have some fond memories of attending college parties with that one good band you looked forward to seeing every Thursday night….were you that band? Have those fans stuck around with you today? And any crazy memorable stories from those shows you care to share?

A: Everybody loves a good college band! We started out doing a lot of weekend warrior shows at southern fraternity and college parties. We would go to school during the week and drive down and play gigs in frat backyards, basements, farms or anywhere else people would see us. One in particular, we played a UGA fraternity event on a farm in the middle of nowhere. We drove up out of Google Maps range to a little barn in the middle of a field, set up our equipment and played a show to about 30 people that were heading out there. It tuned out to be such a fun memory, playing in the freezing cold and taking swigs of moonshine from the college kids in attendance and made some lifelong fans along the way.

5AM – Betcha courtesy of YouTube

Q: Let’s talk some music…you’ve released 3 singles in 2021 with the latest, 5AM… I think pretty much anyone can relate to is the message here: “Waking up at 5 in the morning, Take a deep breath I still can’t breathe. Read a stop sign as a warning… need a reset or I’m gonna go crazy”. Talk more about the meaning of this song.. and also are we progressing towards an album release in 2022?

A: 5AM is a very special song to us. It is based out of feeling overwhelmed when other people and the world expect a lot out of you and just need to step away and have a moment to yourself. 2021 was filled with a lot of frustrating moments for our band and this song captures a feeling of us overcoming these difficult moments together. In 2022, we are definitely working towards some sort of project! It will be something in between an EP and album; but we are definitely are going to release a project.

Betcha performing at Cobra Lounge in Chicago on 12/5/21

Q: You just finished up your Winter Tour with stops in St Louis, Chicago, Boston and NYC to name a few…How does it feel being back in front of crowds again? What was your favorite city to play so far?

A: We did! This December tour was so special for us. We took a shot in the dark and were unsure about what the turnout would be, but we had soooo many fans come to our shows. St Louis, Chicago and Atlanta were some of the best but the most special one by far was Nashville. We have been a band for five years and never sold out a hometown show, and we sold out the High Wyatt and had an absolute blowout show that was one of our most special to date.

Q: This question is for each of you: A) Favorite meal on the road B) Favorite after show food C) Choice of beverage

A: This is Doobie answering for all of us on these! I know all of us pretty well and we have very similar tastes haha. A) Whole Foods when we are feeling healthy, In & Out when we are not. B) Pizza. C) Lots of coffee!!

Top clockwise: Tame Impala, Kanye, Jack Harlow and The 1975

Q: For everyone: Who would we find on your top artists on your Spotify Wrapped 2021 this year?

A: We are all over the place! Some of our top artists are The 1975, Tame Impala, Jack Harlow and Kanye.

The Knitting Factory in Brooklyn, NY

Q: Touring can take a toll on bands…no sleep, skipping meals, late nights, lugging heavy equipment…how does the band stay grounded and stay in check so your overall mental well being is ready for each night?

A: That’s an amazing question. Mental and physical health is such an important part of being on the road. Everyone needs to have personal time and spend it how they like, however some of the best resetting things we like to do come on the off days: going to museums, going to a local gym, going to a pub for a Guinness and catching up on sleep are some of the ways we like to do that.


Q: Where can fans find your music and merch?

A: On our website at or on any major music streaming platform!!

Thanks to Betcha for the great interview. You can also find them on Instagram at BetchaBand and on Facebook at Betcha Band.

I’m going to be posting several interviews in the next few weeks, if you would know of a band you’d like to see interviewed, send an email to or message me on Instagram at Music_Stylist.

Interviews coming up with Drinking Boys and Girls Choir, Nightly, Anorak Patch and many more..

Until then, I’m Your Music Stylist.

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