Britain’s Got Talent

Callum Lacey

Q: So I first saw you on Tik Tok in my search for music artists to interview.. What is your take on social media apps on being the 21st century avenues for new artists like yourself trying to get discovered? Do you have any preference? Tik Tok, Instagram, YouTube, Twitch etc?

A: I love social media & I think it’s a great way to help grow as an artist and show people more about yourself. Before, social media was about you, you couldn’t just swipe through someone’s page and find out what their interests are or stay updated with what what they’re up to day to day. Me personally, I’ve always loved Instagram but I think that Tik Tok is the new thing! Tik Tok is like no other platform. It allows you to go right from the bottom all the way to the top. That’s why I love about it.

Q: Tell me a little bit about Callum Lacey. When did you realize that music was going to be your thing? Any musical influences? Who would you love to perform with one day?

A: I always loved music and I have been writing and singing for as long as I can remember! When I was young, I always used to put on my headphones and listen to Ed Sheeran’s ‘plus’ album on repeat. I remember going to one of his gigs at the 02 Shepherd’s Bush and feeling the bass shake through my body whilst everyone sang back his lyrics! It was the most amazing feeling. In 2018, when I was 16, I wrote my first ever song called ‘Life Story’. I took a lot of inspiration from Ed Sheeran and Shawn Mendes when I was writing this record. I remember trying to save up enough money so I could get in the studio, record it and release it, Eventually, I had enough, got into the studio and released the song on Spotify and Apple Music September 5th, 2018. Since then, I have been working on a lot of new material and have worked with some really cool people. I just can’t wait to show you guys what I’ve got in store for you next!

Q: What is a hidden talent that your fans don’t know about?

A: I do a lot of ice skating! At the moment, it’s hard because none of the ice rinks are open so I really do miss it. But when they open back up again, I’m sure that I’ll be back on the ice! I’m also really good at eating Nando’s. If anyone wants to challenge me and my Nando’s eating talent then get at my socials!

Never Let You Go

Q: You have a new song out, Never Let You Go…give us a little background on the there a whole stash of songs somewhere that are just waiting to be released? And what made you choose to decide to release this song first?

A: I wrote, Never Let You Go, this year so it’s still feeling really fresh and it’s exciting to watch the song grow. All the people who I showed it to before the release gave me positive feedback and couldn’t stop singing the chorus, so I felt like that was the right track to release first. I’ve got a lot of songs written and recorded too but I’m at a stage in my career where I have to be even more of a perfectionist when choosing my new release. I only want to release songs that are real and that think not only myself but the fans will connect with, it always ends up being my best work. I’m constantly learning and developing my writing and performing skills and everything I release I want the fans to know I’ve put my heart into it.

Q: What is an average day for Callum Lacey?

A: I usually wake up about 8:30am and have a shower and get ready for my day! Then I’ll typically sit down at my desk and crack on with making music. I like to go out in the evenings, whether it’s just for food or to see some friends…not too sure how that’s going to work with the lockdown!

Q: So the world has kind of been on a roller coaster in 2020….how has this year been for you? What have you done to stay positive?

A: It’s been really hard. I’ve got to be honest! But I’ve been going on lots of walks, going to the gym and doing as much exercise as I possibly can because a healthy body is a healthy mind. I’ve been doing a lot of writing which helps to make the days feel shorter and is also a way to put into words how I’m feeling – it’s so important to check in with yourself regularly, let alone during a national lockdown. I also try to speak to my friends as much as I can even if it’s just on FaceTime. I think it’s really important to speak to people about how you’re feeling.

Q: So Will your fans see an EP out anytime soon? Where can fans find your music?

A: At the moment, I only have 2 songs out on all major platforms, “Never Let You Go” and “Life Story” but I promise you guys, I’ll be releasing bigger and better stuff soon. I can’t wait!

We can’t wait Callum… stay tuned for more interviews including Mipso, Jenna Rae, Ranky Tanky, Van Hunt, Peezy and Lala plus much more..

Until next time, I’m Your Music Stylist – Linda Dias

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