Time is XI:XI

Madi & Destin are XI:XI

Q: XI:XI is the band’s name, do you refer to yourself as 11:11 or am I pronouncing that incorrectly?

Destin: We pronounce it like 11:11, like the time of day where you’re supposed to look at the clock and make a wish. Those numbers have personal significance for the two of us. It’s a long story but if you catch us at a showtime we’ll tell you the unabridged version.

Q: You guys happen to be married, Destin and Madi. Did you perform together before you got together or is this something new?

Madi: Yes, we performed together multiple times. I didn’t know at the time, but Destin was just trying to get more rehearsal time in to see me more….but I enjoyed it.

Destin: Madi and I have both been playing music for years so when we met each other it was an easy point of common interest. I may have parlayed our love for music into a reason to hang out with Madi before we started dating as well.


Q: You’re from the Springfield, MO area. What is the music scene like in Springfield? Did you do any busking on street corners to get noticed? Favorite places to perform in the area?

Madi: I’m originally from San Diego, but when I started performing in Springfield, I mostly went to Walkabout Coffee’s open mic nights with my cousin. I also played a gig at the Cardinals’ stadium with my short-lived rock band Sugar High.

Destin: I remember busking quite a bit as a kid. I would set up on street corners and play for strangers until I had enough money to buy a box of cereal. For some reason cereal was always my go-to post-performance snack. One time I got into some legal trouble while busking on top of the fountain at Missouri State University but that’s another story. Thankfully, we’ve upgraded from street corners to larger stages since then. We’re partial to Lindbergh’s because we live close by and they have a cozy stage and a neat environment. We play a lot in the Kansas City and St Louis areas as well.

Q: How would you define your sound? Pop? Indie? Grunge? Combo?

Madi: Pop-grunge! We do like to dip into some acoustic sounds from time to time, but we enjoy upbeat music for live gigs.

Destin: I think we’re a grunge band that got distracted by all of the cool sounds you can create these days. Old 90’s rock music has always had a special place in our hearts but we also get excited by the prospect of creating something new.


Q: You’ve released 3 songs. Tonic & For The Record in 2019 and you’re latest released in August, California, which I absolutely love. I can’t put my finger on it but it has this familiar best just reminds me of the 80’s synth pop sound… bands like Yaz, Erasure or The Monroes. Talk about your new song California… Is this song about anyone is particular?

Madi: I feel like everyone always asks if we write songs about particular people, but that’s normally not the case. This was was mostly Destin’s creation about church girls and all the silliness before me.

Destin: I usually write songs about themes rather than individuals. There are several people who inspired the feeling behind the song but I won’t name any names. This song was originally more satirical than anything. We used to play it as an intro to our cover of All The Small Things by Blink-182. I think the lyrics mostly came from situations I found myself in back when I was dating around before I met Madi — at the time they seemed fairly dire, but in retrospect, they’re all fairly funny stories.

Q: From mid March to now, things are still kind if restrictive across the US, how have you coped during this time of uncertainty & how do you see it affecting the music business in the future?

Madi: Unfortunately, a lot of shows have been cancelled. It’s not fun. But I think, once all is said and done, there are going to be more parties than ever before, and we’ll be there to play them!

Destin: I think this unpredictable season has necessitated a little more creativity from the music industry. It has definitely shifted things around, but I think with enough time we’ll see a resurgence of cool new music and fun new shows, but with a little more variety. Necessity is the mother of invention, as they say.

Quick hits: Only 1 answer

A: Facebook, Instagram or Twitter

Madi: Instagram

Destin: Social media is just a necessary evil

B: Cotton Candy, Twizzlers or Swedish Fish

Madi: Chocolate

Destin: I don’t eat sugar. Sorry, I’m not much fun.

C: The Big Biscuit, Black Sheep Burgers or The Wheelhouse

Madi: Blacksheep

Destin: Blacksheep but barely. I’m partial to The Wheelhouse as well because I’ve known the owners for a couple of decades.

D: Ripped jeans, acid washed jeans or camo jeans

Madi: Probably ripped

Destin: Ripped jeans are grungy!

E: P!nk, Lady Gaga or Billie Eilish

Madi: That’s hard. P!nk?

Destin: I’m a big fan of Billie’s style. Tough question though!

Q: When can we expect see an album/EP? And where can fans find your music?

Destin: Magicians can never reveal their secrets but we can guarantee new material will be coming before too long. Look us up on Instagram @officialxixi to keep in touch and look for XI:XI tunes wherever you get your music — although if you use any platform other than Spotify, you’re missing out.

Thank you to Madi & Destin for speaking with me. Be sure to stream their latest single California on Spotify or wherever music is heard..

Coming soon interviews from The Thieves About, Hellcats, Sixela and more.. Until next time, I’m Your Music Stylist – Linda

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