All You Need is Love Love

Jefferson Riordan & Chris Toppin = LOVE LOVE

So here’s another great local band from MA… let me introduce you to LOVE LOVE

Q: Thanks for speaking with me today Jefferson… LOVE LOVE formed in/around 2013 when you and Chris Toppin, the other lead singer, wrote a song together. How did that conversation go? Let’s write a song together and wanna start a band?

A: Chris and I were hired guns in bands for years, and so we knew each other and admired each other’s voices and talents. One day she called me up and told me she was working on a murder ballad and would I come over and help her finish it. I did and so it went well that we decided to write more songs together —- usually bringing one that was unfinished and the two of us finishing it together. After singing together and feeling the incredible magic in the air between us, we knew we had to work with each other and we started LOVE LOVE, in the summer of 2013.

Q: The band is from the Boston area, specifically Jamaica Plain. What local venues have been your favorite to perform at?

A: Our first show was at the Midway and that has remained a dear spot for us, (in fact we had our marriage reception at The Midway). Other favorite local venues include Toad, Lizard Lounge and The Square Root. The Pump House in R.I. is a nice place too.

Witchwood Music

Q: Tell me more about your fairly new label, Witchwood Music. Why did you decide to start your own music label? What’s it like working with so many new talented artists?

A: Chris and I have been doing this music business thing for a long time and we kinda just felt like we had all this experience and in-house talent, why not? We realized that we could manage, produce, and promote others at the same time we were doing it for ourselves. LOVE LOVE had built up a little promotions and dissemination team and Chris and I were giving music lessons on the side and discovering great new talent. Eventually it was irresistible, like an undertow, and we fell into the role of producer-managers pretty easily. It is our latest baby and we are proud new parents with that proud parent glow. The experience has been wonderful and rewarding and it is one of our life’s ambitions to get to discover and appreciate great new music. Cuz it’s out there! All around!

Clockwise L to R: Radiohead, Rocky Ludden, Amy Fairchild, Rick Berlin, Fleetwood Mac

Q: Who are some of the band’s influences both on a world scale & locally?

A: LOVE LOVE has the blessing and curse of having a plethora of diverse influences. I say ‘blessing and curse’ because the music industry has only gotten more and more specialized and specific and categorized —- all things that are kind of anathema to me. I grew up listening to and loving everything from The Beatles to King Crimson to Miles Davis; I considered diversity with one album a wonderful thing. My idols were Hendrix and Bowie. For LOVE LOVE, we just wanted to write the best songs we possibly could; vocal and lyric driven songs tapping into The Beatles, Fleetwood Mac and such. Radiohead was a big influence as was The Mamas and the Papas. I continue to like what Rick Berlin is putting out, as well as Amy Fairchild; and of course we really really dig what our Witchwood artists are doing: acts like Rocky Ludden and Jeffrey Perrin.

Q: Your album Picture was released in 2018. Of course, I’m partial to the track Rhode Island because that’s my home but what song did you have the most fun writing?

A: Rhode Island was probably the most fun to write, but my daughter Nora and I wrote and performed “Pond” together, so that was pretty special and “Blind in the Sunshine” was a magical Saturday afternoon of co-writing: that one was literally written on the spot out of no preconceived idea, in one afternoon.


Q: Talk about the obstacles that COVID-19 has affected the band so far? And can you find any positivity coming out of this virus for the band?

A: What worries me about the COVID thing is how many live music venues it’s going to destroy. Live music venues were already hurting and this is making it far worse and quickening the death for many. But new means of live performance are already starting to present themselves. For LOVE LOVE, and for my new solo project, Lopey Sole, it has been a time of reflection and production. The spirit that moves creativity can thrive in any environment.

Q: What does the band do when not making music?

A: Watch bad television, read great books, teach music and literature; parent.

Q: Any new music being released soon?

A: Since Picture, we’ve put out an EP (“the Rhode Island eeppee”) and an extended EP (“OK”) is due out in September. I am very proud of both of these releases.

Q: Where can fans find your music?

A: Everything can be found at the band’s website: but we are also available wherever you stream live music and of course through our label site:

You can also watch LOVE LOVE videos on YouTube at the following links: I Like You Weird, Murderpedia, Big Backyard Moon..

Thanks to Jefferson and LOVE LOVE for taking the time to answer my questions. We will be having some new artist interviews coming up with Cenza & Mellifera.. also Zachisatourist, The Mighty Pines and XI: XI

If you have a new music release and/or like an interview, please reach out to me through my IG @music_stylist. Until next time, I am Your Music Stylist – Linda Dias.

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