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I asked 6 random super fans or self proclaimed Lovatics on Instagram these 4 questions: 1) Tell me a little bit about yourself. 2) When did you first discover Demi and her music? 3) What does Demi mean to you and why do you consider yourself a Lovatic? 4) Would you defend Demi no matter what the circumstance? Here are the responses:

Urban Dictionary’s definition of Lovatic

@fire.poot_lovato: I’m a 16 yr old from a tiny town in Germany. I’ve never been the most popular kid but I have friends who are loyal and honest which I appreciate more. I grew up with my American uncle so I grew up with the English language as well. I first discovered Demi and her music a few years ago but then I realized I actually grew up to her. I had watched her in Barney and to her starring in Camp Rock & Sonny With a Chance. That’s what makes it feel like a lifetime now. Demi is (and always has been) a huge role model, an inspiration and most importantly a lifesaver. She’s been through so much and she’s being honest about it, which makes her authentic. She makes you feel understood and proves that you can make it. Her book and documentaries inspire me every time and remind me that any day is a new opportunity to survive and to make it a good day! I’m so thankful to have discovered her! I think I’d consider myself a super fan because I’m not leaving her for anything. Anytime she’d do something, others blame her for and I know she’s only human, as I am, so I keep supporting her and know the next day is going to get better again. As a “super fan”, it’s not important whether or not you know all the lyrics by heart, rather that her personality “by heart” and love her just as she is with all her ups and downs. I’d defend her anytime. She might make mistakes. So what? Everybody makes mistakes. We are all human. But she shouldn’t get that much hate for things she does out of personal reasons or her sight of situation. She counts on us, not only as fans but also as her family. That’s what we’re here for. If a hater attacks fans it’s often because they don’t like their idols. Just as we accept people not loving Demi they should accept us loving Demi. As Demi taught us, we should show even our haters love and make the world a better place with nothing but love. In the end, Demi is an inspiring and life changing person and if anyone hates on her, I’ll defend her with nothing but love.

@demzvato_: I’m 15 yrs old from Berlin, Germany. I first heard her songs in 2017 and became a fan since 2018. I saw Demi’s documentary and saw a little bit of myself and my problems. Her statements about life helped me incredibly and cheered me up. I like her music but I’m only a Lovatic because I love her character and everything about her. Of course I would defend her but I would never insult anyone. I don’t let myself get down to that level and Demi wouldn’t want that either.

@ddlovatoforever92: I am from Brazil, state of Rio Grande do Sul, city of Porto Alegre. I met Demi from the Camp Rock tv show and have been following ever since. Demi Lovato is very special to me because I went through hard times of life and with the songs and their story, I got up and helped the people who are going through that I went through. I have Demi as an example, she encourages me to live. If someone was hurting Demi, I would do everything to make her happy again, even if the only way to make Demi happy was for me to lose everything I have. She is really very special to me.

@demi_l0vatic: I’m 13 yrs old and live in a small town in Michigan. I went to a concert of hers on 3/13/2018 and it was honestly the best day of my life. I cried a lot. One day, about 3 or 4 yrs ago, I was listening to the radio and one of her songs came on and I looked her up because I really liked it. I became very obsessed with her and thought she was inspirational. I was in a very dark time then and a lot of people always say her music saved then but it honestly did. I don’t know where I would be today without Demi. Demi Lovato is the best thing that has ever happened to me. She has saved me multiple times and I will be forever grateful. I consider myself a “super fan” because she saved my life. She believed in me when no one else did. She has the kindest heart and she is so selfless. Most of my friends call me crazy because I’m so obsessed with her but they would be the same if they took the time and actually listened to her amazing voice. I would defend her no matter what because it isn’t my place to judge even if I don’t agree with something. Not necessarily go after people who say rude things but yes I will always defend her in any situation no matter what. I owe her that for saving my life. She also has the most purest heart and deserves the world.

Lovatic “heart”

@autumn_26x: I’m 14 yrs old and live in the U.K. Scotland. I used to love Camp Rock and used to ask for it on all the time but I think I properly discovered Demi was from “Skyscraper” VEVO presents Skyscraper (live) and “Heart Attack” Honda Civic Tour presents Heart Attack (live) because my Dad used to play her all the time and I fell in love with her voice. Demi means the world to me and she’s helped me through a lot and has helped me see the world in a different way and I can’t thank her enough for that. I’d definitely support her but I know Demi wouldn’t want us to harass anyone no matter what.

@occcuuurrrt: I am 20 yrs old and live in Bangladesh. I discovered Demi after Camp Rock Disney’s Camp Rock, This is Me. Demi is my role model. Her songs make me feel good about myself and she inspires me to fight against my fears & her songs make me confident. Her songs have helped me move on from my last. If Demi has no fault, I will defend her with logic. But if I harass that hater, then what will be the difference between me and that hater? Because that person is also harassing Demi.

So as you can see, these Lovatics credit Demi with saving their lives in some way and it’s really good to see that none of them would never relish in causing harm to others while defending their idol. Maybe this will get back to her & show her how much these fans really appreciate how much they mean to her.

Demi’s official website: Instagram: @ddlovato She is now represented by @scooterbraun.

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